[Interview] Hero Legend Yeoui Travel 2, 100 hours

Claudia Leopard Entertainment Korea invited domestic journalists to invite domestic journalists ahead of the official release of the Korean version of ‘Heroic Legend Guido Travel 2-Crimson SIN-‘. The interview was conducted online, attending the interview with Condo Yoshihide, CEO of Condo Toshiba, CEO of CLE, and Karachi Shirt.

You Travel 2 is the sequel to the previous hero legend You’s Travel, the 12th trajectory series. In the first story, it deals with a close point of time, which is less than a month later. It was first released in Japan on September 29, and its own contents were well received, such as the improvement of combat and convenience systems, and the pagoda that make the game deeper. The official korean version will be released on the upcoming October 27 through the PS4 and the PS5 platform.

Prior to the full-fledged interview, Condo Yoshihide introduced the characteristics of You Trig 2 and the newly added points. The first feature is the ‘chapter selection’ feature. In Florida, the previous work, all the stories were held around the main character, but the story of the new You Trig 2 is the story of various characters. In the process of selecting the desired episode, you can enjoy various stories, as well as the elements of the characters’ lines depending on the order of selection. Of course, choosing one story doesn’t mean you can’t see the other story, so you can enjoy all the stories prepared just by playing.

Condo representative explained that it was difficult to express everything in the order of time due to the characteristics of many events that occur at the same time, as well as many people appeared at the same time.

In the process of investigating, a chapter that has a special mission has been added. In Leonid Trig 2, you can enjoy various special missions in the form of mini-game, such as hacking or following.

In addition, one of the additional elements of the fairy tale (Merchant Garden) was added. It is a setting to enjoy adventure in the game space, and it is characterized by a total of 20 playable characters to combine them with their appetite to form a party and to foster their own parties.

The garden play in the fairy tale can be obtained ‘Shard token’, and this is a structure in which various enhanced items and accessories can be obtained by requesting the release of mystic cube. Condo representative said that it is most recommended reinforcing skills as a reward that can be selected, and that if you apply various power-up effects, you can grow your favorite characters intensively, and this can be easier to play.

The newly added system, which helps to explore and combat, is also a new system. The player allows you to use a variety of features, from CP to purchase items, purchases, leisure support, and BGM changes.

‘Shard Search’ is also a newly added feature in Florida 2. Pressing the button is to trigger the radar function, which makes it easier to find invisible clues or items. Condo representative said that he added a ‘shard search’ function to add new fun to the existing village walking, which was just walking.

In the combat system, ‘Cross Charge’ and ‘EX Chain’ are newly added. First, the cross charge is a super-level combat action, which can be triggered when avoiding the attack by just avoiding. The party members are switched and a strong attack and an attack buff for a certain time, so the more often you use it, the more you can play the field battle in a more advantageous situation.

The EX chain is a technology that is triggered when the enemy is stunned, when the main character party is attacked with a normal attack or craft. Since the specialty of the members who make up the scrum is triggered at the unison, it can cause great damage, as well as attracting the surrounding enemies to influence wide area damage.

After the introduction of ‘You Trig 2′ and the introduction of the new system of Condo Yoshihide, the immediate interviews were followed by the reporters’ questions delivered by the representative of Nixon Falcon Condo Yoshihide, CLE Chen Wen wen, and Karachi Shirt.

Q. I’m curious about the local reaction of the main story, which was released in Japan a month earlier than the Asian version. If you have a memorable feedback, please introduce it together.

CEO Yoshihide Condo (hereinafter referred to as Condo) = Thanks to everyone, it is better than the previous 1. The previous work was characterized by realizing several new systems, and I think that it was a little short of fun as an RPG because I focused on implementing new things. In this new work, there are a lot of contents that can be enjoyed as an RPG by adding a lot of mini-games such as hacking and hacking, subdued elements, and solver. As a result, I think that the fidelity of play has increased, and users have shown favorable reviews. The story is also a hot topic, and this can be a spoiler.

Q. For the first time in the series, the PS5 version was released at the same time. I wonder if it was optimized for dual sense, and if additional elements such as high-speed mode or 60 frames, which were applied only to the PS5 version, were applied simultaneously to the PS4 version.

Condo = Since the release of the previous work, You Trig 2 has been prepared to prepare for the simultaneous release of PS4 and PS5, so there was no particular technical problem. I wanted to introduce a lot of dual sense response, but because of the lack of time, I was withheld in this work. If you have a chance, I want to introduce it in the next work. In the new Yes of Tracks 2, the high-speed mode and the 60 frame are also applied to the PS4 version, so you will be able to play smoothly from the beginning.

Q. You Trig 2 is a story depending on the chapter selection. There was an unprecedented way in the last hero legend series, but I wonder why I put this composition.

Condo = In this work, a variety of characters will be discussed separately in various parts in addition to the main character class. In order to express that these things are happening in different regions, chapter choice is adopted. In the previous work, the members gathered naturally as the story progressed, but in this work, it contains the growth story of their characters growing. In addition, there are quite a lot of events from the beginning of the story, and a chapter selection system was needed to express it. Please check the more details.

** Q. The trajectory series is especially difficult to play because of the large volume of the game. I think there will be a story that will be missed by the chapter selection method.

Condo = It is a chapter selection method, but no one is not selected. You can see all the stories without having to do it in multiple. Depending on which side you choose, the dialogue changes a bit, or a slight impact on the progress afterwards.

Q. From the You Traveling, real-time combat elements have been added. Do you plan to expand this part in the future or completely replace the existing turn-based system?

Condo = Yes of the trajectory has added several combat functions, and some trajectory fans are clumsy, and at the same time, there are some people who enjoy command battles more fun. I want to decorate it as a game that many users can enjoy not only in Japan but also in the world.

Q. In order to improve the fun of the action battle, he introduced that the game’s tempo has been raised by improving ‘Quick Arts’. I would like to hear if the intention is to be delivered to the users properly or if there is any that there is any that I can improve.

Condo = This part is a part that I want to play the game directly. The feature of starting the game by starting the game was usually approaching the enemy during the field movement, and now it is possible to raise the game’s tempo by using the arts before approaching or looking at the enemy’s form and judging the property. After a little more time, I would say, Oh, it would have been better if I did.

Q. I’m also curious about the background of adding the ‘field search’ function.

Condo = In the last work, the battle was implemented as a seamless, reducing the time used by the user. Even now, the user has a big task to reduce the time to see the screen. As part of this task, I wanted to add elements that users can actively enjoy while moving the map. Not only traveling to your destination, but you will be able to find and enjoy yourself, such as finding footprints, traces, and evidence.

** Q. I wonder how much the game is compared to the previous work. Many mini-game elements such as Merchant Garden have been added.

Condo = Play time may vary depending on the tendency of the user. However, if you play with only the quests you need, it takes about 60 to 70 hours. Of course, if you enjoy Merchant Garden or even the various pagoda in the village, you will have more than 120 hours of volume. It is clear that enjoying the main element can be satisfied enough.

** Q. The legend of the hero is an orthodox JRPG that emphasizes the story.

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