Boss Boss Sandai Oda in Cyberpunk 2077

Sendai Odd is a powerful cyberningia in Cyberpunk 2077, the most powerful advantage of which is its incredible speed and maneuverability. He is faithful to Alaska and the student of the city of Tamara, who helps you in the fight against Area Corporation.

In this leadership, we will introduce you to all the strengths and weaknesses of Sendai Odd and reception sets to help you defeat him in Cyberpunk 2077.

where to find a sandy ode in Cyberpunk 2077

You will find a sandy ode in the quest chain play safe when you pull out one of the non-equraniums hidden in the building. The meeting with Ode is inevitable, and you will have to defeat him.

Sendai Odd attacks, weapons, abilities


Odd will use his extreme maneuverability in their interests, attacking you from non-standard places in the arena, and he will also use his speed to evade your attacks.


He can not only be incredibly quickly move horizontally, but also vertically, which will allow him to climb the hill in the arena.

blades of mantis

Odd has two weapons in the style of light swords called Mantis Blades. Odd will rush at you, waving these weapons. If the attack passes, it will cause a lot of damage.

Smart submachine gun

Bullets from Smart SMG Edges have a functioning function, that is, they will track you and attack, even if you leave the line of its view.

Optical camouflage

After the health scale of the ode falls below a certain level, it activates its optical camouflage and will become invisible.

Then he will hide behind the shelter and begin treatment. Thus, he can heal his entire health supply.

The weaknesses of the ode.

Odd has several weaknesses that you need to use to prevail over it.

Mask they

Mask they are Odes is simultaneously his strength and weakness. While the mask is intact, Odd will be able to knock out bullets from your smart weapon. And since the ode is extremely mobile, this smart weapon is needed to combat it.

However, if you break the mask they, it will make an ode completely vulnerable to smart weapons and stun it a little.

Fast khaki

There are several quick techniques that you need to know before fighting with Odd. This includes:

The malfunction of the cyber program : This fast hack is necessary, since it will immediately break the mask of the ode, allowing you to use smart weapons from the very beginning of the battle.

Luck with weapons : This fast hack will destroy the self-binding bullets of the odes when it begins to use his submachine gun. This will allow you to easily evade its bullets, and then punish it when it reloads.

to blow up the grenade : This quick hack will not only cause damage, but also temporarily shake it off, which will allow you to inflict slight damage to him. However, this will work only once in a battle.

Friendly regime : This quick hack will give you access to all video surveillance cameras in this area, which will allow you to easily track the ode when it goes into camouflage.

Electric Damage

Odd is weaker than all against electric damage and the most against thermal damage. Try to create a weapon that causes great electric damage before fighting with Odd.

technical weapons

Technical weapons have a high penetrating ability, which means that you can shoot from it because of the shelter.

In the area where you will fight with Ode, there will be a lot of shelters, so technical weapons can also work well in this situation.

Shipyards and Amy Gradates

Both fragmentation and emigrants will work very well against the ode. These grenades will not only cause significant damage, but also stun him, which will allow you to inflict even greater damage.

Amy Gradates probably best use it for clothes, because for a short time they violate the ability of the ode to destroy smart shells and self-supporting abilities of his bullets.

How to defeat Sunday ode in Cyberpunk 2077

Now that you know all the strengths and weaknesses of the ode, let’s talk about how you should use this information in your favor in the battle.

First, you need to remember that you must constantly move throughout the battle to resist the dexterity of the ode.

At the beginning of the battle, the ode will not get a lot of damage, but you should not be scared. As soon as this mask breaks, the damage will begin to do.

You must always stay from him at a certain distance in order to evade his blades of the mantis. When he pulls them out, continue to move back and discharge the bullets into it.

If you confident from all his attacks Mantis Blade, he will get tired and will stand still for some time to relax. This will allow you to inflict good damage to him.

Try to always aim in his face so that you can break his mask, as well as shoot in the head in order to inflict maximum damage.

If you do not have a Weapon glitch quick, then immediately jump into a shelter when Odd pulls out your Smart SMG. Wait until his bullets end, and then punish him.

When you ultimately reduce the health of the ode to the point where it activates your optical camouflage, do not lose sight of it. Run directly to his shelter and quickly discharge several bullets into it to notice his healing and apply a little more damage.

If you cannot find it, pull out the scanner and scan the area to find its steps and find it.

Sunday Odd prey and awards

When you finally defeat an ode, you will find the next prey from him:

  • Jinch-Mar Katina
  • Kane no yum BD titanium wreath
  • Alaska bulletproof Ar amid vest with polycarbonate lacing

Ginchu-Mar Katina

Sunday Odd’s corporate weapon was presented to Moro Talmud during his discovery. Katina has a unique modifier, which increases the chance of a critical blow by 100%, while the Cerenkov is active.

Another effect lies in the fact that he causes the enemy double damage, which is twice as of the owner’s health, which makes him a formidable weapon.

How to make a dress of odes

After receiving the Jincu-Mar Katina, the weapon can be made. To create a legendary version of Jinchu-Maru, you will need its epic version and skill of Edge runner Artisan Perk, as well as several components mentioned below.

  • 45 components of rare objects
  • 40 components of epic objects
  • 10 components of legendary items

Odd always dies, error correction

If you use the legendary version of a short circuit on Sendai Odd. Instead of losing consciousness, he will simply die instantly. To avoid this problem, lower the short circuit to the epic or do not use it at all.

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