Ever Soul participates in the AGF 2022, Animation X Game Festival

Aka Games (CEO CHO Kyuhyun) announced on the 28th that the mobile collectable RPG ‘Ever Soul’, which is being developed in Nine Arc, has confirmed the participation of ‘AGF 2022’, a collaboration festival of ‘Animation X Game’.

‘AGF 2022’ is an abbreviation for ‘Anime X Game Festival’, introducing animation and wide contents of the game and performing a venue for exchanges.

In this Aka Games booth, we plan to introduce new Ever Soul to domestic users who love animations and games, while also offering a variety of attractions and fun. Additional on-site programs and events will be released later.

‘Ever Soul’ is a fantasy worldview game that tells the stories of the spirits living in the future, Eden. It tells the story that the user becomes the Savior, which is called by the spirit, and as an element of the spirits, he leads the various spirits and defeats the invasion and saves the world.

In Ever Soul, it collects and fosters unique spirits in harmony with the animated 3D graphics, and forms your own deck. You can enjoy strategic combat content, such as setting up a batch before battle and determining the timing of use of skills during battle.

In addition, you can talk and interact with the spirits collected through the ‘connection system’ and have fun. Through various methods of interaction, you can accumulate ‘dating points’ to see additional stories that exist for each spirit, and see special illustrations or videos.

Meanwhile, Aka Games will meet the user in person by exhibiting ‘Ever Soul’ at G-Star 2022, an international game exhibition held in Susan in November before ‘AGF 2022’.

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