Modern Warfare 2 Trello: Link and how to use

Explanation of the Trello de Modern Warfare 2 board

Screen capture through Trello de Infinity Ward

The Trello de Modern Warfare 2 board is a source of information with which players can consult the latest patches, news and problems. If you want to consult this website, you can click on this link to see the official Trello board.

This work space is divided into sections: useful links, patches notes and several problems. With useful links, you can learn some tips and tricks about Modern Warfare 2, including how the Trello board and links to different functions of the game. In addition, players can monitor the latest updates and other news in the patch notes.

The MW2 problem tracker shows different areas in which Infinity Ward is currently working, such as known global problems and known special operations. Each of these cards has a different color, indicating the current state of this error/failure. Here is an explanation of these colors:

  • Green: The problem was solved, and the solution is active.
  • Yellow: Currently working on this problem.

Orange: The case has been noticed, and Infinity Ward will try to solve it in a future update.

Global known problems are general problems that users have encountered, while the known problems of several players are public multiplayer mode errors. For example, a card provides details about a failure for Xbox users that causes the player’s icon to disappear from the Minima pa.

You can consult the rest of the Trello de Modern Warfare 2 board, such as the known problems of the gunsmith, the known problems of a player and the known problems of special operations.

That is all for our guide on the Trello Board of Modern Warfare 2 . To get more content about the game, you can explore the relevant links below, including our guides on the best assault rifle and the maximum level limit.

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