[Photo] Enpixel Disabled Squads, showing hot passion beyond the limits

The En pixel Disabled Squadron achieved a great deal of winning 10 medals through passion over the limit in the 42nd National Disabled Sports Competition.

En pixel, a startup game company that developed the mobile game Grand Saga, has founded and operated a disabled athlete as part of social responsibility management.

The En pixel Squadron consists of six athletes of the San Sports Association, swimming and athletics (field), and won a total of nine medals (7 gold, 1 silver, 1) at the 41st National Disabled Sports Competition. In addition, this year’s tournament also won a total of 10 medals (6 gold, 4).

The 42nd National Disabled Sports Competition was held in San for six days from October 19 to 24. The National Paralympic Sports Competition, which was first held in 1981, has a meaningful meaning of expanding the base of the disabled sports and discovering excellent disabled players. This year, ‘Together! Tight! To the end! Many players were immersed in their fights in their own fields.

En pixel’s Kim Kwangju, Kim Bangkok, Kim Minsky, Kim Bu-gun, and LIM Ryukyu’s five swimmers won four gold medals and four silver medals in the 42nd national disabled swimming match. The disabled swimming economy consisting of eight sports (freestyle, betrayal, breaststroke, butterfly, personal mixed, Young, Son Jae-young, and mixed) will be held according to the disability grade (DB ~ S14).

Swimming-stock disorder rating is divided into DB (hearing impairment), S1 ~ S10 (delayed disorder), S11 ~ S13 (visual impairment), and S14 (intellectual disorders). Or you have lost both legs, or you have no strength in your legs, so you have to play only with the power of your arms.

En pixel’s Kim Bu-gun, who met after the game schedule, said that swimming is so good because the water is comfortable. Apart from the medal’s color or number, the players who were focusing on their goals were exceptionally shining.

Lee Monte is the only land player of the En pixel Disabled Squad. This year, Lee Monte played a Korean record of 8.87 m after breaking the previous record of 8.68 m, breaking the previous record of the male discus and male club throwing. At the same time, he won the gold medal in the club throwing stock and achieved the valuable achievements of two crowns.

Lee Monte, who won four gold medals at the 41st National Paralympic Games and the Disabled Athletics Championships, who participated last year, wrote a new history this year and won a valuable medal.

Lee Monte said that he worked not only at the training ground but also at home for this year’s tournament and trying to improve his strength and physical strength. In addition, I’m glad that the results I’ve tried in the meantime, he said.

The players who played with a hot passion for the goal finished this year’s tournament with their joy and regret. And next to him, many people who sincerely cheer for their families, friends, and players shine with one heart. The players who continued to challenge the end with firm will, and everyone who cried and laughed at the players of the players, were the remaining competitions.

En pixel said, I want to spend a lot of applause and respect for all players who participated in the tournament as well as the En pixel Disabled Squadron, who have overcome various difficulties for the past year for the past year, he said. I will really support one dream and challenge.

※ Photo courtesy: En Pixel

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