Unity, MWU Korea Awards 2022 winners

Unity Korea (CEO Indoor Kim, hereinafter Unity) announced the final winners of the Maid with Unity Korea Award 2022 (MMU Korea Awards 2022).

MMU Korea Awards is an event that discovers excellent domestic contents based on Unity engine and aims to support the success of the project. Unity received a total of 400 cases from July 1 to August 31, and selected 14 final works after reviewing online public voting and Unity internal evaluation committee. The awards categories are 16 sectors, including six categories of game and industrial, two unity picks, and two best works.

This year, Olympus’ Sky Island and Eleven’s’ artificial intelligence architectural design build-Itit designer ‘won the most votes and were selected as the best works in the game and industrial fields, respectively. The best works will provide benefits to expect a variety of promotional effects, including the prize money of 5 million won and the introduction of winners through Unity Korea online and offline channels.

Selected as the best work in the game, Sky Island is a Quarter View Action Adventure game where curious children and the forest spirit Pure are adventurous. In particular, for the first time in the MMU Korea Awards ceremony, the projects worked by the college student development team were selected as the best works in the game category.


Kim Iraqi, general manager of Olympus, said, We were able to show better quality graphics thanks to the easy access Unity engine. Please.

In addition, Cat Zero Labs and 39 Studios Trouble Punk in the Best Graphic category, and Best Immersive, Visual Light’s Wolf and Pigs Multi, the BEST Innovation, the BEST Innovation, Buff Studio’s ‘Blue Went Day’, Best Monetization Division, Placer’s ‘My Little Milky way’, Best PC/Console In the BEST PC/Console, Alive Inc.’s ‘Vapor World: Over The Mind’ was selected as the best masterpiece.

The artificial intelligence architectural design building designer, which was selected as the best work in the industry, is Korea’s only digital twin-based architectural editing software. The use of AI (artificial intelligence) was reduced from 5 to 30 minutes to reduce the use of design and practicality in the actual industrial field.

Kim Dong-cheol, a technical director (CTO) of Ten Eleven Co., Ltd., said, We wanted to create an artificial intelligence architectural design solution that anyone can easily and use it while meeting and interviewing architects. It is used in institutions, and is receiving positive reactions in the field, and it is very happy to receive a great prize in the MMU Korea Awards 2022, and it is honored to be able to join Ten Eleven’s great colleagues.

In the field of industrial, the best works of each category were selected, and in particular, there were a lot of educational contents that could provide high-quality education opportunities for everyone without being alienated. In the Best Anticipation category, ‘Ecological Detective Eves’ co-produced by Studio Coin and EBS, Best Immersive Division, New Base’s ‘Medical Simulation VR Content, Nulls Base’, Best Media In the Best Media & Entertainment category, media artist Moon Joon-yong’s’ Augment Shadow: Shadowing of Star ‘and’ Best Student ‘in the Best Student category’ My own small room, militia) In the Best Visualization category, DLL E & C’s ‘e-comfortable world housing options real-time visualization rebuttal’ was awarded.

In addition, the newly established Unity Pick to support creators who are active in various fields this year, ‘Best Indie’ for the revival of indie games and the best ‘best indie’ and creativity to create a sustainable society and the environment. Best Social IMPACT was selected. Best Indie is a multi-ending story adventure based on the importance of life developed by the Best Social Impact, which was developed by one-person developer Asteroid-J, and the importance of life developed by the Best Social Impact. The impact game, 30 Days, was honored with the award.

Kim Beom-ju, head of Evangelism, who was the Judge of MMU Korea Awards, said, There were a lot of concerns in judging as the most works ever in the MMU Korea Awards 2022. We have selected excellent works on the basis. I am honored to be in charge of the MMU Korea Awards 2022, which is full of Unity engines and creative ideas, he added.

Kim Indoor, CEO of Unity Korea, said, Every year, the participation of the MMU Korea Awards is getting hot, especially the MMU Korea Awards 2022 was a year with a more novel ideas and challenges of creators. As it is used in it, we expect more challenges and success stories to be based on Unity engines.

More details for the MMU Korea Awards 2022 winners can be found through Unity Square.

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