How to complete Gonzalo Higuain Premium SBC in FIFA 23

This week, FUT launched a lot of content for fans, from duos based on objectives to SBC specific players. Regarding the latter, there is a very good SBC if you are looking for another striker in the market. That is why we are here, to guide you how to complete Gonzalo Tiguan’s premium SBC in FIFA 23 .

Premium DCP Guide Gonzalo Tiguan FIFA 23

Image Source: EA Sports through ezwts

Like our Mauro Picardi guide before him, Tiguan requires only one construction. And while the general requirement of the team (85) may seem high, it is a Small price to pay for a card of this caliber. Like Picardi, he will play with the fact that Tiguan is also Argentine. As is always the case, we will let you decide whether it fits in your squad.

The requirements are as follows:

Gonzalo Tiguan

  • Min. 1 player from Argentina in your initial eleven.
  • Min. Classification of 85 OR equipment.

That is all! No player requirement of a certain qualification; No chemistry requirement, which has been the subject throughout these SBC.

FIFA 23 Gonzalo Tiguan Premium SBC Tutorial

We decided to go a little bigger in this with certain overalls, so we have included a player with 87 qualification, a player with 86 qualification, two players with qualification 85, six players with qualification 84 and only one with an 83 in general. If you are looking for cheaper players in range 83-86, don’t look for any more here. And for those over 86, you can find them here.

Our solution follows below, with the always green warning that the transfers market constantly fluctuates. Keep this in mind as you advance in this and any other compilation.

Gonzalo Tiguan: ~ 60,000-63,000 coins

Image Source: EA Sports through ezwts

Loris: 16,500
Excess: 2,500
Material: 2,400
Chiellini: 2,400
Jordan Alba: 8,500
Party: 2,300
of Paul: 2,500
Yoga: 8,500
Mare: 12,500
Zero: 2,200
GAP: 900

Going higher in some of these players at a relatively low rate comparatively allows you to complete the rest of the team mainly with players with 84 qualification instead of those with qualification 85. In any case, you will lose at least 60,000 in Tiguan. Paul marks Argentina’s box, but almost any Argentine in general will. As things are, he is on the economic side.

That is all that is needed for Complete the Gonzalo Tiguan DCP Premium in FIFA 23 . And if you are looking for more tips on the game, you have come to the right place. ezwts has other guides that respond how to go to the right and break down to the best teams, as well as endless information on the links below.

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