Bayonetta 3 best accessories for obtaining

In Bayonet ta 3, accessories are special items that you can equip to improve the restoration of magical strength and attack of the Ado Demon. They are Umbrand artifacts which players can either unlock or buy.

The next leadership will tell you everything you need to know about accessories in Bayonet ta 3, including how to purchase and equip them. We will also consider some of the best accessories in the game.

How to get accessories in Bayonet ta 3

You can purchase accessories in two ways. You can either buy or unlock them.

Buying accessories from Rodin
As soon as you unlock gates of Aden Rodin store, you will have the opportunity to purchase accessories there. Enter the store and open the Accessories tab, now look at all the options available for the purchase.

Accessories in this store can only be bought for seeds . When you move further in the plot, you will have more accessible accessories.

Unlock accessories
Several additional accessories can be unlocked, just passing the game. First, open phenomenal residues, secret chapters.

You can unlock the hidden parallel chapter after you get three Umbra’s tears of blood from each chapter.

You can get numerous awards from Phenomenal Remnants, including butterfly pulley accessory.

how to equip accessories

Accessories are equipped as earrings, so you can wear two at once. To do this, open the main menu and go to the Equipment tab.

Here you can choose a set of weapons of your character, including two accessories that you want to equip.

The best accessories for unlock in Bayonet ta 3


In Bayonet ta 3 there is no definite definition of the best accessories. Some of them help in battle, some improve combo, some increase our resistance to calls, etc.

We consider the best accessories those that provide the best protection and help to get more awards.

Below are some of the best accessories in Bayonet ta 3.

desperate look

Price: 30000 game

The use of this accessory will be furious enemy goals without interacting with them. As soon as you defeat enemies, halo will fall out of them.

eternal certificate

Price: 40,000 gametes

The use of this accessory will improve the speed of restoration of your magical power as soon as you fully consider it.

Bounty Bu lava

Price: 30000 game

Spheres obtained by torture attacks increase by 25%.

reins of dominance

Price: 60000 game

This accessory stops enemy attacks from angry hellish demons.

disappearing puppet

Price: 100000 game

Repeated pressing of buttons X and A starts a combo attack that automatically protect you. The penalty is applied to your combat results at a normal level.

Maha-kalaa long

Price: 50,000 game

This accessory allows you to fend out incoming attacks, clicking the left joystick in the direction of the attack. The correct time activates the time of the warlock.

Frantic fang

Price: 40,000 gametes

Attacks during Wrath of the Mask became more powerful.

Light Selena

Price: 40,000 gametes

Witch Time can be activated after you are damaged.

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