BIC Festival, 7 kinds of domestic indie exhibits to the Everland Game Culture Festival

The Game Cultural Foundation, Susan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee (BIC Organizing Committee) and Pearl Abyss will show seven domestic indie games at the 2022 Game Culture Festival (hereinafter referred to as Game Culture Festival) held in Overland until 30th.


Train (Box to the Box), Kong (Rock Island), New Mountain (Lucia), MAZE (Die Creature) Shamble). It is a work selected by ‘Big em’, a joint indie game promotion project of the Game Culture Foundation and the BIC Organizing Committee supported by Pearl Abyss.

BIG EM is a project to support the participation costs of domestic and international exhibitions by selecting about 10 games to revitalize indie games through domestic and foreign promotions. Every year, eight developers were selected for the first time this year, targeting the Susan Indie Connect Festival (BIC Festival). The selected developers will be participating in the 2022 Game Culture Festival, and will provide full support for participation in overseas exhibitions next year.

The 2022 Game Culture Festival will be held in Yon gin Overland for 30 days. The BIG EM booth will be located at Overland Rose Garden until the 13th, and will be presented to visitors who participated in gameplay and field events.

SEO Taegu, Chairman of the BIC Organizing Committee, said, I am very happy to be able to provide the opportunity to show excellent domestic indie games to the public through the 2022 game culture festival. I would like to thank the Game Culture Foundation and Pearl Rabbis for making this opportunity.

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