Was Padmes headdress in Andorra? Galaxies War explained

Luther Real’s store has been full of Easter Wars Easter eggs since he first appeared in Episode 4 of Ardor, ranging from Bear Mandalorian armor to carved stone slabs of the planet Morris that refer to the world among worlds. But the most recent episode 10 had a piece in front and the center, which led many fans to ask: Was that Padre’s headdress in Ardor?

Does Luther have Padre’s headdress?

Image source: the attack of the clones and Ardor ~ Lucasfilm

The show, although it shows it clearly in the center of the scene, does not explicitly confirm if it is really Padmé Amidala’s headdress; However, apparent precision cannot be denied. Combining the precise and identical appearance with the fact that Taboo’s fashion is elegant and generally handmade to the user, it is most likely to be Padre’s headdress. There are other canonical reasons and in the universe to help confirm this.

In Ardor, Luther’s store is an exclusive and high-level boutique that serves the wealthy and elite clientele of Coruscate. The articles it carries are typically extremely rare and sometimes unique.

A head garment produced in mass or easy to find would not be something that he carries, so one used by the princess Diana of the Star Wars universe definitely fits perfectly. When observing most of the other elements that have been identified, it seems that it also specializes in artifacts of the Era of the Clone War, such as a Gunman shield, a Rookie battle helmet and the Tapas club that shows Mon Mothma.

Luther’s inventory of the artifacts of the Era of the Clones War is not the first time a fascination in the universe is covered with the elements of the period of time. In the 2017-Star Wars: Thrown novel by Timothy Hahn, Thrown feels fascination to find and collect artifacts of the Clones War, such as a buzzing drug and a hyper-impulsor ring, and is pointed out in the book that there is a great market for The artifacts of that period of time.

While we cannot confirm with certainty that the headdress is the one used by Padre, at least we can tell him that it is very plausible that Padre’s headdress was in Ardor. Be sure to consult our other content related to Star Wars, as a theory about the madness of Saw Herrera, who is Dave Sudden in Ardor and what happened to Saddle in Tales of The Jedi.

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