The search for Týr God of War Ragnarok: Puzzles solution, bosses, chapter detonated

After an exciting first chapter, but with a lot of introduction/tutorial, God of War Ragnarök begins in the second chapter. In The search for Tar , Rates and Atreus will begin to explore the lands of Nordic mythology again.

The starting point is Waldheim , the kingdom of dwarfs. It is from here that you will better understand how the gameplay between fights, exploration and backtracking works, as many chests and tickets will be inaccessible the first time, you need to go back later.

Wet Zone Arranger

Upon arriving in Waldheim, you will be attacked by harmful , small bouncing creatures that quickly become very annoying. Be careful because by killing them, they can sometimes explode and cause huge damage.

After eliminating them, put the canoe on the bank and start climbing the stream until nidavellir . A wheel will block the way. Land and use the ax to freeze the laser, thus moving to the other side. Before you climb the scaffold, make a deviation to the right where the first chest Corner is.

After descending a small zip line, a new enemy arises: the claim. These creatures are fast and cause poisoning. Explore the area to pick up a chest and then climb through the chain. Use the blades on the wheel to release the passage and go back to the canoe.

After passing under a small catwalk, remember to take Yggdrasil’s dew to your left to gain permanent statistics bonuses. On the right there is a new bio-based puzzle.

Following the way, Rates will arrive in a locked gate. Throw the ax to release the structure of the first photo below. Pass the open place and use the current to release the first part of the gate (photo 2).

Then go left and freeze the laser to cross. Destroy a structure to release a laser below the wheel. Freeze the other laser so that the water pressure increases and rotates the wheel. Defrost and quickly destroy the link that holds the weight.

Now go over weight and freeze the geese under the wheel again to be taken up. Then just pull the second chain to open the gate to Nidaveldir. It sounds confusing, but Atreus and Mimic will give tips if you get stuck in this part.


After moving in the city, go to Sindhi to update the Atreus Arc with Sonic Arrows. They will be very useful for applying a new state to enemies, as well as releasing tickets and resolving puzzles.

Then pass the small tunnel to reach the second part of the city. Climbing, take the first alley you will cross left, then move the cart to reach the tavern. Inside, talk to Reyes twice to receive the first secondary mission. Then continue to the new pier that leads to Dublin’s security office.

Here you will have the choice: either you will see the dwarf directly to continue the story, or you explore the bay and all the additional content it offers. Here we will focus on the main plot: after talking to Dublin, leave the right door to access a large arena. Use the explosive bowls and pillars collapsed with the Sonic Arrows to easily overcome enemies. Then open the great door that leads to a first train cart.

Chief: Fight against Dream

On the way to catch the second train, Rates and Atreus will find a new boss in the saga: Dream. The crocodile is able to jump over you at all speed or throw large water trips at regular intervals.

Dream also launches elemental lightning attacks, including one in area. By defeating it, the reward is flames of anguish , the first light role attack of the chaos blades.

Continue the journey to the cart, taking the time to sweep the small sideways to collect money and a Kasia poem. Shortly before you return to the tracks, you will have to destroy a nest of nefarious ones. As soon as the wagon is back on track thanks to Atreus, board a new journey, this time interrupted by claims that will knock down the train.

Open Mines of Jasmina

After the fight against the whole troop, go right, paving the way by eaking the green rubble with Sonic arrows and the golden with red explosives. A new mechanics will soon take action for a new series of small puzzles.

When you come across a flow-activated wheel, freeze your conduit to stop spinning and free it. Shortly afterwards, ask for help to trigger crank, freeze the gears in the right time to jump.

Then just use the Blades in the red part to change the flow of water. The movement will climb the stone and release the passage to Rates.

A little later, you will have a new group of claims to eliminate before you can enter the mines, plus another legendary chest to find. You can find Waldheim’s Legendary Chests in our guide below.


The apple core

Inside the mine there are more puzzles. For the first, remember to explode the barrier of Sonic arrows before freezing the water. Then continue gently through the long dotted corridor with Drug and red chests to a crossroads.

Ignore the path sealed by gold deis for now and only take the opposite path, then directly to the right. Take the current to rise to the top level and access a hook that will change the watercourse to the elevator.

Then return to the main path and, as usual, freeze the wood so that the water flows over the wheel and lift a lock for you to pass. Once on the other side, freeze the flow to the right to ing the elevator down and between it.

After another meeting with nefarious, you will get the first relic. The Main Talisman grants melee bonuses for a ief period of time (lasts 10 seconds and has 119 second recharge time).

Continuing your way, you can find a side path to your right that leads to a drug well containing the an abominable , one of the game’s recurring mini-chiefs.

On the main path, play Atreus to the second floor. Freeze the water and ask you to turn the crank to throw ore on your rail. Thus, the stones will play the role of holding the flow of water.

Then use the ax to freeze the water that releases the hook. Use the blades to reach the box on the other side. Now just ask the Atreus to throw arrows on the stones of the first rail.

Escape with Try

After the long presentation of Tar, the time has come to reach him and Atreus. But first, Rates must face new enemies. INTERWAR have powerful Frost attacks that can cause serious explosion damage.

After several waves on the way, you will reach a boat to take Tar to the other side. Defeat more creatures until activating a portal. Hence, until the end of the chapter there will be several scenes telling more about the history of the game. And so the search for Tar ends.

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