[Interview] Ryu Geum -taes representative cafe stream, I hope it will be a good influence on the game culture

A counterman fan, a familiar name, ‘Café Stream’ appeared near Pang yo Station. It is a café run by witches and a place that appeared like licorice in the game. With such sensitivity, the café stream near the actual Pang yo station is designed as a brand shop and a café that shows various goods that can covet if they are counter-side fans.

Usually, these event cafés and shops are often operated as a pop-up store or collaboration café, but the café stress is always operated all the time except for Monday, a regular holiday even after the 10th opening. As the offline activity has become more active since Corona 19, the Subculture game has a new number of collaboration café events and pop-up stores, and the counter side has a new number of regular brand shops and cafés. I was able to listen to the intention and what the future vision is.

■ Café stream of Pang yo station area, I wanted to provide a space for the atmosphere of the game

There are a lot of game industry workers in Pang yo, so I wanted to have a space where I could feel the atmosphere of the game while looking around. I think it should be invested from the company’s point of view, but if the user likes it, it has to be endured.

This was the answer to the so-called café strain, which is located in the so-called station area, about 100 meters away from Exit 1 of Pang yo Station, but it was why BYU Geum-tae’s answer was. There are a lot of game developers in Pang yo and many game industry workers, but when they come, it was a bit hard for gamers and industry because it was difficult to feel the atmosphere of the game in addition to the offices and buildings of the game companies.

Recently, the collaboration café and pop-up store of subculture games have been active, and there was a question of why permanent cafés. BYU Geum-tae did not think of it first. But in the process of preparation, this also needed a hard work, and I thought I would see it bigger and longer. It was also intended to set up a café location as a pang yo close to the developer, and to manage it autonomously.

I thought of a collaboration or pop-up store, but I was also prepared for airborne and preparations.

In fact, this decision was not easy. However, there is a project inquiry in Won Library of Alumina Theme Caffeine Ham Pang fang. We also thought of bringing the game world to reality, but we heard the news in a car that was not courageous. I talked with Kim Typhoon and felt that it was a great idea, and I was courageous to see him expanding the worldview. So I decided to give people more pleasure to the game. I would like to say thank you for Kim Typhoon and the project door.

It was narrow even compared to the original café described as not so big even in the game. However, the café run by the Witch Association in the game was a glimpse of the efforts to meet the image. There was also a tomb that melted in brown in the color of the timber, which could be brown in the color of the wood. In the front of the fireplace, there is also a sofa where you can relax, allowing you to sit comfortably. Somewhat dark turquoise paint outside the café is a color that is likely to appear in the pot of the witch, and the café stream is engraved with a unique logo, and any fan of the counter side can think of the image of ‘Café Struck’ operated by the witches. It was just like it.

The concept of the interior was the result of the first thought of BYU Geum-tae and the creators of studioviside. Of course, with the help of interior companies, the design has changed several times, but the core has not changed. The moment I entered the café, I had to feel that I came into the world of the counter side.

Counter-side users responded to the official forum and Twitter. There were some people waiting four hours before the opening, and after the opening, the café continued. Unfortunately, the users who are far from being far or work and ask for the opening of the branch, along with the words that they will wait for the weekend.

I don’t think about the branch at this time. I can do it well, but I don’t know it yet. In fact, it is difficult to expect a profit from the company because of the cost of operating the café in many ways. I think it’s possible to have a collaboration café somewhere else, but it’s hard to be confirmed at this stage.

At the first day, there were many people on the first day, and he was surprised that he waited four hours ago. This is because Pang yo Café St ragga had to keep checking and managing management costs and profits as much as the caffeine, which is always on the other day except Monday, rather than a collaboration café or a pop-up store. In particular, café streams were more important because they were not just a concept café, but a brand shop that sells goods.

Next, it led to a story about goods. The goods are currently in a small amount of demand forecasts, and the episodes of café staff and menus are mentioned, as well as that they are considering various measures such as making additional or introducing other goods while watching the reaction in the field. In fact, there was an announcement that when choosing a café employee, he was elected to choose an employee who knew IP well.

I am talking with managers and other employees in connection with the café menu. I really wanted to make it lighter, but the café manager is very motivated. I think it will continue to grow steadily.

The person who came to the café manager was really sincere in the subculture, which actually operated a maid café. Counterside is also a favorite person. In addition, he has a high understanding of how the subculture works or game IP develops and what users like. So I can give users a good experience in the future.

The reason why BYU Geum-tae chose a café stream among the various shops in the counter side worldview was simple. It was because the café was able to prepare quickly without going through a complicated procedure for food. Gregorian was also concerned until the end, but alcohol sales were excluded in the final decision because they had complicated preparation and approved procedures, restricted access or operations.

But it was not yet folded about Gregorian. In fact, the original cocktail was introduced as a cocktail manufacturing order event in the in-game, so the cocktail was actually wanted to entertain the user. However, as the actual liquor is difficult to handle, he added that the menu is a non-alcoholic cocktail, which is only considered to be prepared with event. I have no idea yet, he said. If the user wants to pay himself, I think this part should be inquired to Nixon, a publisher.

The menu is also caring for in many ways. Mark Finn’s special lunch is an instinctive taste with a lot of synthetic seasonings. Employees have been made by sincerity, so if you try it and enjoy the instinctive taste, I would be grateful (laughs).

■ Café Struck and Counterside, if it becomes a space for users to enjoy
On both sides of the café stream, a franchise café and a restaurant were located. The reason for the place in the meantime was that the reporters’ questions continued to see if something was not.

In fact, the café site has been vacant for a few years since Colony 19. It was a lot of people and close to the company. I thought that I shouldn’t have a lung in the surrounding business, so I originally wanted to prepare a cosplay or this event, but it was withheld. Maybe the event can be prepared later as long as the event is not overwhelmed.

In addition, these cafés come to the event when people come to the event. So I also set up a standby system. He received a waiting ticket, went around, and made it possible to buy it. Then, we will receive the waiting table of our café, and I know you know it is good for you. Of course, I want to live only at our café because I feel like my heart (laughs). There are a lot of franchises around me. It is the present idea that I hope to be able to settle in the meantime.

As BYU Geum-tae, who has been in the subculture for a long time, has been in the current situation of collaboration cafés or offline events at various subculture games such as Blue Archive and Nike.

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