LOL: What is the best champion in Late? The answer is the most unexpected

There are many factors that determine the power of League of Legends , but one of the most confusion in the community is time. The majority of the players tend to misunderstand which champions are good as the game progresses and which ones reduce their power once we exceed half an hour of play. A paradigmatic case in this regard is that of Tristan, which exemplifies the problem that the analysis takes place. As the champion gains rank as the time passes and rises level, it is estimated that he is a great champion at Late Game. However, its best phase of the game is the first 20 minutes. In general, only the characters are analyzed with respect to themselves .

The best League of legends champions after 40 minutes of departure


To try to find which are the best League of Legends champions in Late Game, we have tried to go to the statistics of the last 30 days in the ranges Platinum or higher. A comedy of More than 41 million games in which we have individually analyzed the records of each champion trying to find out which are the most successful as the clock reaches or exceeds the 40-minute mark. This little analysis has offered surprising results, with an undisputed leader that we did not imagine and, surely, you did not see coming either.

Although matched in the table because of the rounding, Ram mus is the undisputed king of League of Legends in the ‘Late Game’ . He wins 56.8% of the items that end between 35 and 40 minute, with hardly any resent if the confrontation lengthens a little more. Something quite surprising for an infinite non-climbing tank champion or large mechanics. Only his great speed of movement and the ability to inflict damage passively when the rivals hit him serve us to explain his situation. In addition, the trend is very marked. If the items last less than 20 minutes, barely win 43% and, from there, every second that passes increases its possibilities of victory.

In second position is Kyle , which in the MID Lane wins 56.78% of the clashes that exceed 40 minutes. This case was waiting to be taken into account that, except now that he is not going through his best moment, he has been the best League of Legends champion in the late game since his renown. From the distance they follow the track ORAN (56.3%) and Vacate (56.2%). The latter champion is very interesting, who works well from the game early and, although he suffers in the ‘Mid-Game’, offers a 50% victorious rate even in his worst performance moments. However, your case is not the most surprising.

We have given a fifth honorary position to Zero since, although he is not the best champion in the late game from a general point of view, he is the character with the best climbing of League of Legends . Its victory rate increases from 34.9% in the games that last less than a quarter of an hour to 52.4% in those that exceed the 40th minute. It is the greatest difference that exists right now in the game, and In part it explains its bad performance: 86% of the items in which they appear end before the 35th minute. In this sense, it simply does not have time to shine.

As for infinite climbing champions, the truth is that they are not so good. It is true that the list appears to see and could have done it ASUS (55.7% in 40 min). However, Senna is not up to it, much less beautiful . It is true that the empty is not among the worst champions of League of Legends after half an hour, but it stays quite close. Its increase in attack speed does not prevent it from being a champion that dominates the game early and brutally falls in terms of performance, reducing its 59.8% victory expectations (min 20) to 47.8% (35). It is true that from that moment on it returns well, although the increase in the face of ‘Late’ is lower than that of the average champion.

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