[General] 2022 The Grand Prize in Korea, the Grand Prize isDungeon & Fighter Mobile

The 2022 Korean Game Awards, which covers the game of the year in 2022, was held at the Susan BEX CO Convention Hall on the 16th.

The event, hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and hosted by the Korea Game Industry Association, was held with the slogan ‘The Future Drawing Together’.

In the first order of the event, the Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Jean Byung-soo, was on stage to actively support the creativity and challenge spirit of K-game, and actively improve regulations that are obstacles for domestic developers to develop games. He said he would actively support the workforce and actively support the game development system.

In the main award, the Age of the Age of the Sea, Dungeon & Fighter Dual, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, Merge Kenya Island, Mir M, Blue Archive, Summers War: Chronicle Twelve games to 2 have been nominated.

The honor of the day was won by People’s Dungeon & Fighter Mobile. In addition to the target, People also won the ‘Social Contribution Excellence Award’ category. Meanwhile, another candidate, Motif’s ‘Sea Age Origin’, won the game business innovation award, planning scenario, and sound category, and became another hero of the awards ceremony.

■ Good Game Award-Thebrix’30 Days’

The Good Game Award was awarded by Dublin’s 30th. ’30 Day ‘was criticized for proving the positive power of the game by effectively conveying the social message of suicide prevention.

CEO Lee Hearing, CEO of Dublin, thanks to many institutions who have applied for an easy topic of suicide prevention, and will continue to develop games for the day of all life’s respected days, and that it will be a natural world for granted. I conveyed it.

■ Startup Company Award-Able Games Co., Ltd.

The second merchant, Startup Enterprise Award, is a ‘rookie award in the game industry’ to support young game makers. The startup company was awarded by Able Games Co., Ltd. Able Games has successfully launched ‘Raising DAL Rabbit’ to the global market, and has been criticized as a startup that aims to expand the company’s external and sustainable growth.

Kim Dong-woo, CEO of Able Games, is the first award to win the game and wins for the first time. I conveyed. Subsequently, the government support program has helped the startup growth a lot, and he said that he will continue to create a good game and repay users’ love.

■ Game Business Innovation Award-Director

The Game Business Innovation Award was awarded by the Motif’s Dam KYU. Director Lee Deuk-gyu successfully developed the origin of the Sea Era, promoted the development power through collaboration with global companies, and was recognized for its gameability, such as achieving sales of more than 10 billion won after the start of the service.

Motif Lee Deuk-kyu expressed his feelings that he would be able to become a good developer by creating a business model that can be coexisted with users in the future.

■ Popular Game Award-Nexon Games ‘Blue Archive’

The popular game award was won by Nixon Games’ Blue Archive. Blue Archive was evaluated that various characters and solid stories have been well-received by users and have established them as representatives of subculture games.

Kim Yong-ha, general manager of Nixon Games, will receive a great prize for users, so I will not know about the body, and we will continue to develop the game with gratitude, and all colleagues in MX Studio, who are trying to develop the next update at this time I expressed my feelings of wanting to glorify.

■ Indie Game Award-Wonder Potion’Wannabe’

The Indie Game Award was awarded by San Navy of Wonder Potion Co., Ltd. Cannabis was evaluated for enhancing the immersion of the game by the Jose on Dynasty, the Cyberpunk Concept, the Beyond Story, and the action using the chain arm.

Yew Seung-hyun, CEO of Wonder Potion, expressed his feelings that San Navy, which is scheduled to be released soon, will be well finished to become a work that is not lacking in the indie game.

■ Technology and Creative Award: Planning/Scenario-Motif’Origin’

The planning scenario category was awarded by Motif’s ‘Sea Age Origin’. Following winning the Game Business Innovation Award, Motif Lee Deuk-gyu, who once again came to the stage, made a game for five years, and made a game that was not typical. I expressed my feelings to do my best.

■ Technology and Creative Award: Sound-Motif ‘Origin’

The sound category was also awarded by Motif’s ‘Aviation Age Origin’. The origin era was evaluated as a game-like game that suited each province and a single album so that users played separately.

Motif moving PD may be the sound sector that is the most important in the game, but the sound is the sound that is the last time that is the last time, and the sound designer, which made the sound of the origin of the era of the era of the era of the era of the time now, should be received by the sound engineer. He said it was a prize.

■ Technology and Creative Award: Graphics-Netmarble Nexus’Seven Knights Revolution’

In the graphics category, Netmarblexus’ Seven Knights Revolution was awarded. Seven Knights Revolution is the latest series reborn as the Seven Knights Down graphics, and has been criticized for maximizing the fun with high quality cartoon rendering graphics.

Kim Jung-min, CEO of Net marble Nexus, expressed his appreciation for the first time, Seven Knights 1 to 2, Switch Version, and Revolution.


■ Technology and Creative Award: Character-Nexon Games ‘Blue Archive’

In the character category, the last award in the first part, Nixon Games’ Blue Archive was awarded. The Blue Archive emphasized the character with various character designs, and has been criticized for proving the excellent character formation by expressing a deep character.

Kim In-in, head of Nixon Games, said that many people loved the characters of Blue Archive, and he expressed his feelings that take will show a better appearance with the intention of saving the universe.

■ Excellent Developer Award-Nexon Games Kim Yong-ha PD

The outstanding development consensus was won by PD Kim Yong-ha of Nixon Games. Kim Yong-ha PD is famous for being a popular developer for users, and has been criticized as an excellent developer with a huge knowledge and excellent development power.

Kim Yong-ha PD is only making delicious foods by colleagues, and he is only serving as a ‘bowl’ that holds the delicious food to users. I conveyed my feelings.

■ Social Contribution Excellence Award-Neople Co., Ltd.

The Social Contribution Excellence Award was awarded by People Co., Ltd. People was evaluated as delivering positive messages to the game industry and society by conducting environmental protection activities every year.

People Soon Myung-jin said that he could not pay back all the love he had received so far, and he had only shared the very small parts of their love, and he would continue to be a company that contributed to making this world a better world in the future.

■ Excellence Prize-Merge Kenya Island, Summers Wars: Chronicle, Heat 2

The Excellence Prize, the Korean Game Awards, won three titles: Money Kenya Island, Net marble Into Co., Ltd.

Won Minoan, CEO of Net marble Into, is thrilled to win the Kenya IP after Kenya Catch Mind, and it is not easy to make a good game in the industry, but he will continue to make good games with Kenya.

Come’s Choir Yong-rak, general manager of Come, said he would deliver a gratitude to customers after the awards ceremony. I expressed my feelings.

Nixon Games’ Park Youngest PD has won a prize thanks to the users who enjoy the hit 2 fun, and he will do his best to turn the ball to all members who made the game together and to provide satisfactory games without losing their initials in the future. I expressed my feelings.

■ Best Grand Prize-Motif’Origin’

The Grand Prize was awarded by Motif’s ‘Aviation Age Origin’. Origin is a game based on the ages of the opposition, which is a famous overseas IP, and has enhanced cultural historical diversity. In terms of business models, it was designed to exclude probability factors and to enjoy various contents organically.

Lee Deuk-gyu, who was on stage again for the Grand Prize, thanked you for being able to stay here because the user helped. With thanksgiving, we prepared a gift for users, and said that we have prepared several events and rewards for the update next week and the 100-day anniversary of the series.

Meanwhile, Motif’s ‘Aviation Age Origin’ won four crowns, ranging from the Game Business Innovation Award, Planning Scenario Award, and Sound Award.

■ Target-Neople’Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’

2022 People’s ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ was awarded the target of the 2022 Korean game. Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is a unique story while inheriting the longevity IP Dungeon & Fighter.

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