Valorants Harbor was gotten rid of from the competitive queue due to an ultimate error


In the meantime, if you need another agent with which you can grind the Valorant ranks, be sure to read our guidelines for the ranking of Valorant representatives.

Harbor was initially launched on Valorant Patch 5.08, although the start of the aquatic controller was not necessarily smooth. Spot 5.09 repaired a mistake that left the open holes in its (e) high tidal ability.

We are not quite sure how a representative mayhem causes the capability on the network side of things, we can picture based on the statement that it will not be a quick service. It is also uncertain whether the error affects the game and included game modes of the game or not, so it is most likely best not to pick it until the problem is dealt with.

Harbor’s ultimate capability is to create unintentional delay in many cases, states Valorant’s contribution to the main Twitter account. For the time being, we deactivate the representative in a competitive line. Stay up to date for all updates.

Valorant designer Riot Games has actually revealed that his newest Representative Harbor will not be available in competition mode of the FPS game for the foreseeable future. The message comes as an outcome of a brand-new mistake that turmoil on the servers.

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