Guild X Klaudia gives a summary of her competitors at VCT GC Champs 2022

Today it was 100% much better. There were a lot more crossfires, looking together and effort, so I think it looked much better. I don’t think Fennel is a bad group. In the handgun round on Pearl, when they had a perfect success against us, I believed: ‘Okay, this is a game in which we need to reinforce ourselves, [] I felt when we began gaining dynamics, Discover Fennel to drive down a bit. Overall I believe you are a terrific team.

I saw their game live out of the crowd, and they are extremely positive. I think that’s a strength, because when you play in the LAN, it’s a psychological game-you have to be psychologically strong-and that has GRU.

Nevertheless, Guild X had little time to lick her wounds prior to the 2nd match against the East Asian representative Fennel Female. They state that a hurt monster is most dangerous-something that the group showed with a terrible result when it chipped its prey on Pearl and 13-5 on Sanctuary.

Considering that we are on the subject of pearl, I have to ask about the Killjoy choice. As something that we do not see on the map and something for which you have actually campaigned for at Champs, what do you bring into your composition?

The group definitely looked far more dominant on Pearl today. How did the general method to the map included in the tournament?

I understand that the Shopify series was a bit shaky, but Pearl is one of our best cards that go to the tournament. It is most likely our most experienced card, and our greatest focus after the final (series 3) was on the repair of our pearl and our bond.

I do not believe Fennel is a bad group. Total I think you are a great group.

I really like Pearl, and I actually like fracture, so I am very confident to call you as an ill and very positive about playing them. Yes, I think many teams get Pearl, and it’s cool-it’s a great card.

I absolutely have terrific respect for individuals who are so friendly, due to the fact that of course it’s a video game, and we are a competition, but it is the meaning of someone who is there to discover pals. But overall it is absolutely not as much [interaction with other pros]

I believe the teams check out Pearl more than a break. In the Veto I see that numerous groups still prohibit fracture, and even in EMEA at the last video game changers with Pearl in the card swimming pool, individuals fracture still prohibited and chosen to play pearl.

X10 shocked me quiet.
When they saw the game against GRU Live, they were so passionate, and it is so essential when it concerns playing.
As I stated, it’s a psychological game, they remain in the LAN and you might hear them from the crowd.
I also have the sensation that much of them can really intend at-I have observed some rounds, and they ended up being 4K photos that were all shots of head.
Before the video game began, I thought GRU would win, however X10 shocked me, and that’s an advantage, because that indicates that there is a lot of capacity in this region.
If you later on start versus Cloud9 White today, you can see whether Claudia and Guild X can continue their run in the lower bracket.


Group Liquid has a lot of firepower and everybody in this group has their moments-I think that makes them so special. When we saw their video game versus Shopify today, it might realistically have been a 2-0 for Shopify, but they have this psychological strength and started to come back one round after another.

I also believe that Fennel is such a charismatic team, and it was so nice to see her here. I think one of their strengths is that they are constantly positive, always smile and show their enthusiasm, which in my opinion is sometimes challenging throughout a competition.

At the start of this competition, we made many changes for Pearl since we have actually altered our compilation and included a few new bars and standard settings-we have a various technique to the card.

There are two reasons why we have Killjoy, the first is that Vivian ‘Roxy Schilling is an actually excellent killjoy. This is probably her best agent, and when I believe that she plays Killjoy compared to any other agent, I know 100%that she will appear with her.

We discover what works for our group and Killjoy is a really great choice for Roxy. If one day we decided to alter the agent-perhaps to a smart that is more traditional-it would be 100 % on board. We practice it in Scrims and regular training, and it works actually well.

I do not think there is a wonderful start, a wonderful compar, and if you have a killjoy, lots of teams have no killjoy. We find what works for our group and Killjoy is a truly excellent option for Roxy. I think it is so cool to see these other teams completing against each other and see what their regional strengths and weaknesses are and how they take on the game.

Claudia: There were lots of issues we had the other day. Many of them revolved around communication for numerous players-it is their very first LAN, we play versus a perfect team from NA, and there was simply a lot of pressure. I have the feeling that we have made lots of mistakes in overall.

Relating to How is the very first global occasion? I think it is so cool to see these other groups completing against each other and see what their local strengths and weaknesses are and how they deal with the video game. It was such a cool experience.

I believe well and EMEA are closest to the skills. In order not to ignore any of the other regions, but I believe that in relation to the quality of the Na, EMEA and training have the greatest scenes, so I think that this might be the reason that they accomplish the greatest quality of training, particularly versus a few of the competitors.

Before today’s video game, I actually liked the duet strikes they made with the Fennel players, although it might be bitter-sweet. How was it to be here on the global stage for the very first time in Valorant to be able to interact with these gamers, and are there teams that they actually had the chance to get truly close while they were here?

I keep in mind when Pearl pertained to the VCT for Champions for the very first time, and groups who played it certainly had a veto port on the map towards those who did not. Do you feel that Pearl will be gotten rid of by you in the future, or do you feel that a lot of groups of the tournament now have it appropriately under control?

I don’t think there is a magical start, a wonderful compar, and if you have a killjoy, numerous groups have no killjoy. What groups do not understand is how to deal with a Killjoy cult.

The PC gamer 24: Claudia, thank you for joining me. I simply wished to start experiencing her thoughts about today’s series.

[For instance], on B-Site there is this little box that you can supreme, and then you can take up area, etc. General it actually helps with the follow-up and execution, and the same applies to A-Site. So I have the sensation that there is a lot of creativity.

[With that Said] I have to state that Catalina ‘Best Arabia from GRU is probably the friendliest person I met. She is extremely available to chats, constantly connects on social networks and when she sees you personally, she hugs you.

To be truthful, no. I typically saw Anastasia ‘Glance Asimov from G2, and the only time I saw her was when we strolled the hallway. I saw Melanie ‘Mel Capone and Alexis’ Alexis Guarani since they were always together, and I am always with Roxie always cross, but overall I actually didn’t learn more about anybody since the schedule is really hardcore for preparation.

For instance, I believe that Fennel is really imaginative with a few of his compositions, however a few of them simply do not work. I don’t like having a chamber in Sanctuary due to the fact that there are 3 locations, and it is actually challenging. I think that might only be because you are unable to train versus other competitors, or maybe it is common in the region.

When I thought about these regional distinctions, I questioned if they could speak about, what qualities every region brings with them, and where do they think their strengths lie?

In discussion with The PC player 24 after the Fennel series, Ill Claudia ‘Claudia Beczkiewicz was certainly a lot more pleased with the team’s approach to this video game than the day before. During the interview after the game, Claudia exposes more about how the group is doing to Pearl-especially with the distinct Killjoy selection-her previous champs experience and where, in her viewpoint, the strengths of the private regions are.

Guild X has definitely not reached the hoped-for start of his Valorant Game Changers Championship campaign 2022. The team based in Terrific Britain, which began as number one from EMEA, got an early L against Shopify Disobedience, the 2nd seed from NA, and fell into the lower group.

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