Need for Speed Unbound Trailer finally reveals more of classic races


In terms of gameplay discussion, Need for Speed: Unbound has so far depend on many cuts-until now. In the current gameplay trailer you can lastly observe longer racing scenes.

In a great 3 minutes, publisher Electronic Arts provides an intensive insight into the upcoming game racing game around 2 weeks before the release. This time the focus is on timeless races that are combined with bets to earn as much in-game cash as possible.

Required for Speed: Unbound-Gameplay from the street

If you have now got to Need for Speed: Unsound after the last gameplay trailers and the new video, you no longer need to be patient. The racing game will be launched on December second for the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

You start the races as in the predecessors: you drive to a particular point, fulfill the other chauffeurs in a small cutscene, and then it starts. In the video, the impression that numerous fans already had from the previous videos is confirmed: the driving physics is really reminiscent of the direct predecessor Need for Speed: Heat.

Prior to a race, you can also finish bets in Requirement for Speed: Unbound and difficulty particular drivers. If you then end up in front of them, then you get more cash than simply for the mere participation and your placement. This can of course likewise backfire if your challenger beats you.

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