Rebel Wolves Netease Games will finance the next RPG of the director of The Witcher 3

Reported at the start of the year with Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, the director of The Witcher 3, the Polish studio Rebel Wolves found a launch ramp to respond to his ambitions. And as typically these days, the investment comes from one of the two Chinese giants. And when it’s not Tencent Games, it’s…


Nevertheless, he was quickly signed up with in his brand-new adventure by lots of previous CD Project, so that the group now has 37 employees, in the premises of Warsaw but also around the world thanks to telework. Rebel Wolves, whose recruitment will have the ability to accelerate, naturally retains its innovative autonomy in addition to rights over its brand-new license under production.

The funding supplied by Ne tease was the most recent missing piece necessary to offer an accelerator. With the resources offered to construct a first-rate AAA video game, we can now focus on what matters most: development, describes Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, who had actually left CD Project in 2021 by making his mea culpa worrying particular violent habits.

Resolutely active to the point that summarizing his acquisitions and financial investments would start to take a lot of space, Ne tease Games has for that reason taken a minority participation in the capital of Rebel Wolves, whose ambition is to develop an excellent solo and narrative role-playing video game in a register Dark Dream on consoles and PC.

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