How old is Denji in Chainsaw Man? Answered

Among the many mysteries presented by the series, one tends to go unnoticed too often: how old is Benji in Chainsaw Man? After all, he says he is 16 years old, but he is expected to work and go to drink with his co-workers regularly despite being a minor. Not only that, but he seems insecure himself, since he lived a rather hard life in which he never went to school and spent his days surviving like a demon hunter.


This question was trapped in our heads and, after investigating a little, we found an answer. However, be careful: there are some spoilers ahead.

Benji is really 16 years old at Chainsaw Man? Answered

We have good and bad news about Benji’s age in Chainsaw Man.

Let’s start with the good news: Benji is, in fact, 16 years old, or at least he had them when the public security saga began. As he advanced, he spent a year and Benji ends up turning 17 years. Power even surprises him with a cake on his birthday according to Maxima’s instructions, although this happy moment is interrupted by an important revelation of the story.

This is also the reason why Benji ends up attending school after the conclusion of the public security saga. Since it is no longer monitored as an active threat of the devil, the remaining members of public security and the government decide that it would be better for Benji to live a normal life and hunt demons like Chainsaw Man whenever I can. As such, he is enrolled in a school to study during the last years of his childhood before becoming an adult.

However, this leads to bad news: almost everything Benji does and survives in the course of the Chainsaw Man series occurred when he was a child. This includes everything, from being subjected to terrible fights to death to be beaten before Limeño takes her home, and she offers to have new relationships with him despite being much greater.

However, when it comes to anime, all this is quite good for the course. In any case, it would have been much less common for him to be a fully developed adult through all these traumatic events, which is definitely strange to write.

Hopefully this is clarified, how old are Benji in Chainsaw Man? To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have a lot of other explanatory guides on issues such as what Eternity Devil is, whether Benji dies or not, and if Benji fights or not against Gun Devil.

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