Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: Take advantage of the special Eevee event for limited time

Game Freak does not waste time and intends to please the already more than ten million players who have fallen in love with scarlet and purple Pokémon, with special events more or less similar to those of Pokémon sword and shield.

This weekend, very special technical raids will appear on the Pale map, as is the opportunity to collect the terachristalized LEVEE more easily.

How do I participate in special incursions from the LEVEE?

You must have your Nintendo Switch connected to the Internet to see special crystals land on your world map. They are a bit different from others, as you can see in the image below. If you cannot see them, you must log in to the Poképortal and join the mysterious gifts’ section to receive the latest news, this should unlock the situation and show the incursions of events in Pale.

During the event, you will have many more chances of getting into the terachristalized Levees, with random types, but also objects of evolution such as fire stones, thunder, water, ice and leaf.


Event dates

You will be in a hurry if you are going to catch the specialized the LEVEE specialized that can be found these limited time incursions. These are the dates of the Levee Sacristan event in Pale:

  • From Friday, November 25 at 01:00 h.
  • On Monday, November 27 at 01:00 hours

So you have the whole weekend to try to find the crystals and win the rewards that come with them. Remember that the highest level raids are unlocked according to the amount of medals you have achieved during your adventure.

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