Holdener and Larsson share first location in Killington

Both crossed the finish line at the slalom on Sunday in Killing ton after exactly the same time and shared top place.
The third was the Austrian Katharina troop.
US star Mikaela Shirin, who had actually led after the preliminary, ended 5th.
Germany’s finest slalom motorist Lena Burr, who began winter with 2 fourth locations last weekend, needed to be content after an error in the 2nd round with 28th place.

The upper Bavarian slipped away on the always soft slopes and lost numerous seconds.
After the first run, Burr had actually remained in sixth place.


As another starter of the German Ski Association, Andrea Filter drove in 27th location.
Marlene Schmitz, Emma Richer and Jessica Dillinger had missed out on the top 30.

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