How to repent the cranial of the cranial in darktide

Repentance in Warhammer 40k Dark tide is mainly tests or achievements based on each class of characters and the style of the game, such as Grin Chapel. You can consider repentance as a measure of success, since the implementation of these tests in Dark tide may require some work.

Not every repentance opens objects, but many of them are also useful for opening new cosmetics for your character. If you are interested in the performance of PIME for the Grin class with a cranial in Dark tide, you are in the right place.

of repentance of Grind Cherepoloma Dark Time

Repentance is quite simple trials associated with the gameplay, so we can say little about them. Nevertheless, some of them can be quite complicated for fulfillment, so you need to know in advance their requirements.

In this section of the leadership, we listed everything Slullbreaker Penances, along with their requirements and cosmetics that you will open by completing them.

I got a bone to choose

You must reach the level of trust 5 to fulfill this repentance. You will unlock one trinket and cosmetics for the upper body.

Built as a tank

To fulfill this repentance, you must fulfill 25 missions for a cherry. You will unlock one trinket.



You can get this to Skull breaker’s penance by completing one mission of each type. The character frame opens after performing this repentance.

I am the main one

This repentance requires the player to use Bull Rush. You must rush to intercept the attack of the plague grin. You will unlock the cosmetics of the lower body.

Something in your eye

To get this redemption of skulls, use a box with grenades to kill the infection. You must hit this defector in the eye to kill him. You will unlock one cosmetics for the upper body with this repentance.

Friends will remain friends

It can be quite difficult to fulfill if you do not communicate in advance with teammates. To repent, friends will be friends, you mainly need to remain within the radius of the coordination of the entire detachment throughout the entire mission. If someone goes beyond the radius, you will fail repentance.

The completion of repentance opens a cosmetic item for the lower body.


This repentance requires the use of Bull Rush. You must attack and hit 100 enemies with one Bull Rush attack to complete repentance. You also unlock one cosmetics for the upper body with this repentance.

Don’t stop me now!

This repentance of Skull breaker will be yours as soon as you overcome a 70-meter jerk in 25 seconds. With this repentance, you unlock one cosmetic product for the lower body.

Heavyweight champion

You can get this repentance, destroying bastions, twisters, plague owns and reapers during the threat of heresy. With this repentance, you will unlock cosmetics for the lower body.

Bone Ed

To get this repentance of the cherries, you must fulfill the following repentance:

  • Got a bone to choose
  • Beat-em-up
  • Built as a tank
  • Something in your eye
  • I’m the main one.

You will unlock one trinket and cosmetics for the head slot.

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