Dofus Development calendar 2022, Nowel links and benefits

If the cleaning calendar is no longer actually, Ankara still provides Novel benefits for Doffs and Doffs Retro, to be recovered from the shop or the Launcher.


Lave nut calendar 2022 on Doffs and Retro

Tradition for some time, Require Ankara uses right before Novel gifts to recuperate for Doffs. There disappears official calendar with puzzles. These items and codes are readily available on the shop (see links in the table listed below) or Lankama Launcher. It is possible to open the rewards on each without restriction (1 time/ per account) if you play in multi-count.
Often the codes are just offered for a restricted time. Be mindful to be well time so as not to miss anything!

Links of the 20022 cleaning calendar

The 2021 presents contained for example attitudes, panoplies, sweets, potions and even on completion a code for a couple of days.

Novel on Doffs

Life de Nowel is a routine event on Doffs! Doffs 2.66 makes numerous adjustments about Extension:

You can discover the 2.66 upgrade through the banner below.

  • Missions are no longer automatically launched in Lenore on snowy taiga
  • Novel presents are no longer affected by prospecting and idols. Their material is totally customized
  • Monster groups progress and are more consistent
  • The Minotoboule becomes more available.

Custom for some time, Require Ankara provides just prior to Novel gifts to recover for Doffs. Life de Nowel is a routine occasion on Doffs! The washing calendar, it is an ideal period to resume the game, farmer or have a little kama throughout the holidays! Doffs 2.66 makes numerous modifications about Extension:

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