Tekken 7 Crosses The 10 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

Taken 7 has always been one of the most popular fighting games in recent years. From Taken 3 right up until Taken 7, the series has seen success in both commercial and critical reception. Recently, it was confirmed that the game had reached 10 million units sold worldwide, a huge milestone for any video game.

Less than six months after commemorating its 9 million sales, Taken 7 continues to show unsuspected endurance.
As producer Mutsuhito Hard verified on Twitter, the video game released in June 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC is now part of the 10 million circles.
An unusual performance for a combating video game, even for a franchise as prominent as Taken, which has actually been seduced for 28 years now and appears to be more in sight than ever, which is also the case for fight games in basic (let us price quote the
30 million Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the 15 million Mortal Kombat 11, the 8 million Dragon Ball Fighter or the 6.8 million Street Fighter V).
The Taken franchise now has 54 million games offered worldwide, less than Mortal Kombat (79 million) but more than Street Fighter (49 million).


Like a volcano that has actually ended up being old

When Banzai NAMC began to lift the veil on his successor Taken 8, taken 7 crosses the 10 million course. Revealed this time directly on PS5, Xbox Series and PC without going through the Game box, Taken 8 perpetuates the endless story
Families Minima and Mazama, while mom Jun Mazama reappears like an angel to tip the scales in the excellent side in the war between Kahuna Minima and Jin Mazama.

A story whose origins are likewise depicted in the Taken animation series: Bloodline recently released on Netflix.

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