What button should be pressed in the laboratories of the marshmallow paradise?

High on Life is a unique game from the creator of rick and Morty Justin Roland and his Squinch Games studio.
The game has several scenes that require you to make a decision so that something happens.


You will face to face with one of these solutions in zephyr Paradise laboratories.
An alien scientist will ask you to choose which alien to merge with a person who is in front of them.
Man and aliens are inside the capsule, before each of which there is a button for choice.
It is impossible to say what is happening until you make a decision.
So, what kind of alien should you merge with a person in High on Life?

What kind of alien should you unite with a person in High on Life?

Regardless of which alien you choose, they will immediately begin the merger.
Unfortunately, the merger will kill the alien you have chosen and the person.

Thus, in fact, it does not matter which one you choose.
The scientist, who asked you to make a decision, does not seem to be that the results were too sad.
Thus, you can leave without any consequences for your decision.
Since you are inside Zephyr Paradise, you should already have a reward for Kris.
Given this, you must be able to find a creature in this area, a Gatlin who can spit off the babies whom he carries on their backs.
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