The 8 Teams That Will Compete In The VCT 2023

The eight teams will play the 1st Split of VCT 2023, the main competition of the azilian Valorant scenario in the first half of next year.
In addition to the guests Meanders, Liberty, TBK ESports and Vito Had Stars, teams who participated in the Valorant Champions Tour azil 2022, but were not approved in the Riot Games FPs franchises, four teams went through the closed qualifying: Odd, The Union, Tropics and
Tucuruvi academics.
Odd qualified for VCT to pass unbeaten by closed qualifying, winning 2-0, Totaled, again 2-0, and reign 3-1, passing the entire competition through the upper key and
losing only one map in eight disputed.
The Union debuted in the closed selective with a 2-0 win over Flamenco ESPORTS, and then applied a new 2-0 on Fuzzy e-Sports.
The team secured the spot on VCT after a 3-2 win over Tropics, which with the defeat was sent to the lower key.
Tropics, in turn, debuted with a 2-1 win over Displayed, and then surpassed Tucuruvi Academics 2-0. After being sent to the lower key by The Union, the team won 100 jobs 3-0.

Finally, Tucuruvi academics debuted with a 2-0 win over Rumble, but the defeat for Tropics put the team on the lower key.


Academics then started a recovery campaign and hit Squad6 2-0, Fuzzy E-Sports 2-1 and finally dispatched Reign 3-0.
The 1st Split of VCT 2023 will be played from January 18 to March 19, 2023, with a total prize of R $405 thousand.
The champion earns the prize of R $110 thousand.

teams classified to the 1st Split of VCT 2023

  • Meanders (guest)
  • Liberty (guest)
  • TBK (guest)
  • Vito Had Stars (guest)
  • Odd (classified)
  • The Union (Classified)
  • Tropics (classified)
  • Tucuruvi academics (classified)

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