Moroccan star accused of attacking FIFA President after World Cup loss

A scandal has arisen after the World Cup in Russia, as Morocco’s lawyer accused FIFA President of inappropriate behavior.

After the 1-2 defeat in the video game for 3rd place versus Croatia, Morocco’s defense lawyer Ashraf Hakim apparently began to verbally assaulted FIFA President Gianni Infantino in the catacombs.
As Magenta TV reporter Thomas Wagner reports, Hakim had loudly grumbled about the efficiency of referee Abdulrahman Al Passim at Infantile.
The former Dortmund star is said to have insulted the FIFA president with the hardest words and asked that FIFA does not want Morocco to win a medal.
The incident happened in the catacombs after the game, where Infantile and FIFA officials were waiting on the upcoming medal.
Hakim had actually therefore consistently asked Infantile what was actually the case of a referee setting, both in the semi-finals and today.
The FIFA president responded practically unmoved to Hakim’ claims.

I was amazed that Gianni Infantino wound up relatively easily, said Wagner.


Just when Hakim was accompanied by supervisors into the cabin did the scenario cooled down.
Throughout the video game there had actually already been protests by Moroccan gamers against Referee Al Passim.
In the 74th minute, the referee rejected the North Africans an expected penalty after Hakim had gone to the ground on the edge of the charge location.
Neither Al Passim nor the VAR group picked a penalty.
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In the semi-final encounter versus France, Morocco had complained about the referee Cesar Arturo Ramos PALULOS.
This would have denied the lion from the Atlas two apparent penalty.

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