Tormented Souls: Agony

In recent years we have seen how the genre of horror games is excessive to speak of survival-they are almost limited to clones of P.T.
Madison, Visage, Martha Is Dead… There are multiple titles that have been evidently influenced by that playable teer of what w going to be the next installment of Silent Hills.
In turn, the creation of Video Kolyma w also influenced, obviously, by two sag that we could consider precursors of this current in the genre: Amnesia and Outlt.
So where are we going to find a game that makes us look back and remember the great 90s clsics?
The Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dino Crisis, Parite Eve, others less known Gallery… Third Person, Fixed Chamber, A little action, intelligent and well-designed puzzles… We have recently discovered a very interesting and completely essential title
For those who want to return to the roots: Tormented Souls.
Like the aforementioned Madison-developed in Argentina-, to discover the origin of Tormented Souls, you have to travel to Latin America, specifically to Chile, which shows us that we probably have to pay some attention to the Latin American scene.
The twins Araneda-German and Gabriel-are those responsible for Dual Effect, the small business they had to create to be able to launch the game that occupies us in collaboration with the Pub editor.
When we realized my brother that the old formula of Survival Horror would not return, at let not from the hand of the great developers, we decided to make our own survival horror to the old school, one that w outside the players for the players
Gabriel said at the time in an interview with the Chilean portal La Quinta Emergence.
Indeed, we could not find some words that suppose a greater declaration of intentions.

Older terror

And it is that Tormented Souls is precisely that, a return to the genre in the 90s, gathering all the ingredients that Alone in the Dark (1992) began and that would popularize, in a decisive and definitive way, Resident Evil (1996).
The first and for many fans the most important, is a good amount and quality in the puzzles, something that can significantly bot the game that occupies us.
Let’s not let the nostalgia blind us: we are going to find some worthy of looking face-to-face that of the piano in Silent Hill, being the main mechanics of the game… for our enjoyment, let’s not fool ourselves, since games that gala
From a good dose of shots there is more than left over.
During the approximately 15 hours that will take us, we will have to squeeze our gray matter to solve many of them, in addition to taking many walks through the hospital in which it pses, that by the way, it is fanttically designed, both in terms of complexity
of levels from the artistic point of view.
Of course, we talk about 15 hours suming that we do not get stuck in any of them, something that is fed up, believe us.
In fact, its strongest point is sometimes not the weakest, but it is true that the solution of some of them h a point of chance, and there we are also going to make a trip to the pt, although to the other genre: those
Graphic adventures in which we often found a solution testing an absurd object in a meaningless place.

We do not want to enter any type of plot, since we believe it is worth it that each player discovers it for himself and the beginning is quite powerful, but not everything in the game is at the same level.
We speak, this time, about combat.


It is also very clsic, in this ce for badly everything w never the strong point of the genre at the time-and that represents little challenge.
In fact, we are facing one of those ces where we have the feeling that the game would be better without action of any kind, something that we have also been able to experience in works such Prey or SOMA… that for something incorporate a mode of
Game without enemies and focused exclusively on action.
Advice that during the course of the game does not seem very important… but that ends up being: it is convenient to save much ammunition possible before a final stretch where enemies will complicate us something else life than during the previous hours.
It is not our intention to spoil this part, but we do think it is necessary to warn to be able to enjoy at all times a section that can be done uphill if we have not had a certain moderation with our arsenal.

Why do we think it is convenient to recommend this game precisely now?
Because with the Christm sales of Nintendo Switch, now we can find it in digital version below 20 euros for all the platforms in which it is available.
Specifically, right now we can get him for the hybrid for 14’99 euros, being 19’99 in the rest of the consoles and on PC, and what do you want us to tell you, for that price, it seems totally essential for the most fans
gender veterans.

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