Assassins Creed Jade: Erstes Gameplay des Mobile

In this Assassin’s Creed Jade: Estes Gameplay DES Mobile video, there are six minutes of gameplay footage. This is the first mobile branch in the series and will come from a play test.

In September 2022, Ubisoft revealed the very first branch of Assassin’s Creed series for mobile phones.
Official info about the game has so far been uncommon and there were no more than one CGI trailer.
A couple of hours ago, however, a video was dripped through Facebook that shows nearly three minutes of gameplay from the video game.

Where can I view the video?
The video has actually now discovered its way on Reddit.
You can see the gameplay under the link.

initially gameplay for code word jade looks familiar

This can be seen: At the start we see an assassin in the third person running over an area of the Chinese wall, stabilizing and climbing in the normal a/c manner via ropes.
Swords can also be seen.
In the 2nd area of the video, a longer cutscene is revealed and the path through a burning town.
You can take a look at the only official trailer to date:
On the one hand, we recognize that the dripped material is a code word Jade at the setting, which as currently confirmed by Ubisoft in China, on the other hand, on the other hand, which has been plainly noticeable to mobile.


An important note: We want to emphasize at this point that the gameplay is a gel-ocistated material that shows an unfinished version of the video game and potentially deviates considerably from the end product.
More present info about Assassin’s Creed:
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all details about Assassin’s Creed Jade

With Jade, Ubisoft for the very first time bring an open world branch of the series on iOS and Android and return to the setting, which we currently know from AC Chronicles.
As we understand from a first designer declaration, Jade should offer the renowned Assassin’s Creed Gameplay, which has been optimized for touch control.
New in Code name Jade is that we can produce our own character for the very first time with which we check out the video game world.
It is not known when the action role-playing game will appear and whether we can still anticipate a publication for PC and consoles at a later date.
If there is any additional main information, we will notify you about it.
How is your first impression on Assassin’s Creed Jade?
Do you offer the mobile branch an opportunity?

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