High on Life is the first person shooting game and science fiction adventure adequate for all players who are also fans of

High on Life is the first person’s shots of action and science fiction adventure for all players who are also Rick and Morty fans.
You assume the role of an intergalactic hunter to fight, shoot and navigate through extravagant places, finding many unique characters.

While the game is intriguing enough to consider retaking it, it is possible that you wonder how long it has been completed.
Well, don’t worry, since we have it covered.
Here is everything you need to know about how long High on Life lasts.

How long does it take to reach the height of life?

According to our games, the main story of High On Life should take between 9 and 10 hours on average.
Leaving this period of time, if you are looking for a fun, crazy and energetic game to play during its weekend, High On Life could be the perfect title to score on your list.
If you are looking to make a complete race and finish the game with 100% collectible, we estimate that it will take around 12-13 hours to complete it.


This includes a certain margin of maneuver, even if you are faster to find collectible or a little slower to locate them.
If you are looking for a challenge, this could be the perfect game to try it 100 % in a limited period of time.
A mixed game in which you find some collectibles, but you focus mainly on the main mission will be located at some intermediate point between these totals, usually about 11 hours.
That is all you need to know how much High on Life lasts.
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