Criterion Games: Five veterans leave the studio

With the release of Need for Speed Unbound, it seemed like all was going well for Criterion Games. But shortly after its launch, five veteran employees have left the studio, leaving many to wonder what this means for the future of the studio. In this article, we’ll explore why these departures occurred and how they may affect Criterion Games’ future.

Shortly after the publication of Requirement for Speed Unbound it became known that five veteran employees of Criterion Games have left the studio.
The largest departure is Matt Webster, VP and GM from Criterion.
Matt Webster has actually been with Criterion for over 23 years and has actually been working for EA considering that 1990.

Executive producer Pete Lake likewise throws the towel after his hiring in 1996.
Andrei Shires follows the termination after 16 years at Criterion Games.
Alan Chairman was 17 years of ages and Steve Uphill under agreement with the studio for 10 years.


Information about the termination are not known.
All former workers have only revealed that new possibilities outside of EA will be checked out.

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