Dead Space Remake: Revealing The Secret Ending & Other Hidden Details Before Release

dead space remake is close to arriving, reliving the acclaimed 2008 game with new graphics, gameplay elements and a secret ending never seen before.
Despite following many things from the original, we know from the announcement that the teams of EA motive have allowed themselves some deviations, which is usually seen with bad eyes, but in this case it would only be to enrich the title inging more terror to the players, to
instead of removing or changing parts.
Recently, dead space remake’s trophies leaked on the prophase website, and it was possible to see one that indicates a script change compared to the original version.
After that, the official game accounts themselves confirmed the fact.

Multiple finals for dead space remake?

The concept of multiple finals is on the rise.
Popularized through narrative games in which each choice can lead to a different consequence, the principle of alternative finals is already used in several productions.
But while the 2008 version of Dead Space had only one end, it seems that your remake has more than one…
Recently, the prophase website has published the full list of trophies that will be available in dead space remake PlayStation versions.
In addition to colossal spoilers, this list reveals a key element of the game: it would have an alternative ending.
The silver trophy, called the meeting, mentions the existence of a second end to discover.
Last Wednesday (25), the official account of the game on Twitter was answering fan questions, and one of them asked if dead space remake would have the option of New Game+, i.e., starting the campaign, keeping the items
and improvements obtained in an anterior save.


The answer was positive and also ought three additions in this way:
Advanced costume level 6
Mesomorphs variant
Secret Final
Therefore, we know that it will be necessary to finish the game at least once and play it again to discover this alternative ending.
Now, what will he ing?
Fans speculate that maybe this outcome connects dead space remake to a new game of the franchise, which is not necessarily Dead Space 4. Is it?

The developers warned!

Not long ago, the game’s developers stated that they certainly wanted to make a Dead Space (2008) remake, but took some script freedoms.
In terms of gameplay too, several changes will be observed by those who were there on PS3 and Xbox 360 a few years ago.

According to motive studios, it was important for them to allow the franchise’s connoisseurs to live an unprecedented immersive experience.
Thus, lovers of the original can discover new elements so that this recreation is not just a copy and paste.
Therefore, it is not surprising to see the introduction of an alternative ending.

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