Philadelphia Eagles Fly To The Super Bowl After Dominating Performance Against San Francisco 49ers

The star of the video game: Hanson Red dick (Edge Rush, Eagles).

Red dick generally decided this video game prior to the break with 2 sacks, a forced fumble and a fumble healing.
His hit hurt Purdy, which essentially cost the Miners the game.
The Miners had no response to him.

The flop of the game: Kyle Shanahan (Head Coach, 49ers).

Eventually, it was bad luck that not one, but 2 quarterbacks needed to leave hurt when Purdy returned as a handoff guy.
However, ultimately Shanahan is accountable for the discipline of his group and if this team gathers 10 penalties and hence 6 (!) 1st Downs, then it does not toss a great light on the head coach.
In addition, he would have needed to challenge the Smith-Catch.
Which Johnson was generally not gotten ready for this video game also goes to Shanahan, who is basically the offensive organizer of this group and has not exactly the perfect bets Johnson.
Extra point of criticism: Why did Purdy have to go back to the field after the Johnson injury if he could not toss it so plainly?
Would it have been a wildcat offense with McCaffrey and Deep Samuel in the Backfield-Zum video game success?
It seemed more like Shanahan was running the white flag.
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Analysis: Eagles vs. 49ers-the methods panel.

  • The 49ers defense was not the issue.
    The defensive line in specific controlled the game with its consist of principle.
    She showed perfect gap discipline and mostly kept Hurts in the pocket, which the Eagles briefly made one-dimensional.
  • In addition, the Eagles played them in the cards over cross countries due to the fact that they put too frequently on the Run Video game through the middle that did not work at the beginning.
    When the Drives-through their own Charges virgins ended up being and the front of the Miners ended up being tired, it only got better.
  • If the Miners had the ball, they put them on their Run Video Game and the Quick Passing game from the start.
    That didn’t change with Johnson, although he threw less precisely than Purdy.
  • The Eagles used an apparent Inequality in the Pass Rush early on: San Francisco attempted too typically to obstruct Edge Rusher Red dick with a Tight End or Wide Receiver, which naturally failed and was ultimately decisive.

The Philadelphia Eagles are back in the Super Bowl after 2017!
In the unwound 31: 7 success through the San Francisco 49ers, they benefited primarily from an early injury from Quarterback Brock Purdy, from which the guests who affected numerous of their own errors no longer recovered.

Eagles vs. 49ers: at a glimpse

  • The Miners lost quarterback Brock Purdy with an elbow injury in the very first drive of the video game.
    He returned once again, but only after Backup Josh Johnson had bid farewell with a concussion.
  • The Eagles did not shine with their own offense, but repeatedly gained from Penalties against the Miners Defense at the wrong time.
  • Eagles-Edge-Rusher Hanson Red dick was not to be stopped at the start.
    He made a gymnastics, dominated a fumble and also caused Purdy’s injury.
    In addition, the Miners tried to block him in a questionable way.

Eagles vs. 49ers: The analysis

The initial stage of the game in the Lincoln Financial Field was currently tough.
The first questionable circumstance can be found in the first drive of the Eagles when they played a fourth & 3 and Wide Receiver Devon ta Smith a magnificent, one-handed catch in the Red Zone.
On closer assessment, nevertheless, it was not a catch due to the fact that the ball was on the flooring.
That left the Miners, the Eagles continued to play rapidly and Running Back Miles Sanders found the end zone of the Eagles from 6 lawns due to the fact that Kyle Shanahan did not let the scenario check.
Shortly afterwards it got much even worse for the visitors.
The highly playing Edge Rush Hanson Red dick beat Quarterback Brock Purdy out of his hand and the Eagles conquered the Fumble passes away, however, was only recognized after a challenge by Eagles coach Nick Giovanni.
Purdy likewise injured himself during the campaign and needed to get out.
For him, Josh Johnson, who was enabled to go to the playoffs for the first time after missions for 13 teams.
This was followed by a couple of breadless series of attacks and a curious violation of Niners-Edge-Rusher Nick Boss, who was torn down and dealt with on the sideline after a tackle against an Eagles gamer.
Nevertheless, he returned into the game later on.
In the middle of the 2nd quarter, the Miners captured a little and place on their very first great drive, which was fired by Christian McCaffrey, who ran an overall of 44 yards at 4 brings.
He himself completed with a remarkable 23-yard touchdown run, in which he broke through a number of deals with.

Eagles vs. 49ers: Imploding Miners prior to the break

Afterwards, nevertheless, the Miners fell apart.
In the following 14-play drive of the Eagles, they made 3 penalties and constantly gave new first downs.
Sanders ultimately penalized it with a 13-yard goal run with 1:36 minutes on the clock.
The key to the drive, however, was Giovanni’s decision to play a fourth & 1 by yourself 34 (per sneak) and therefore extend the drive.
But that’s not all, because shortly later on Johnson lost a fumble at Snap, Red dick dominated the ball and 16 seconds prior to completion Boston Scott also ran to another goal.
21: 7 Eagles for the break.
After the break, Johnson also contracted a concussion, so Purdy, who had obvious issues with gripping and throwing the ball, was still returning, however was barely a factor.
The Eagles, on the other hand, had a difficult time, but got aid the Miners as soon as more.
At the Punt they got Miners a rough-kicker penalty, although that was a relatively difficult choice War Encountering The Kicker would have looked more appropriate.
A little later there was a late hit out of bounds at Injures, whereupon the one himself by sneak from the 1 shorten.
28: 7 Eagles at the end of the 3rd quarter!
As a result, the video game rippled just.
The greatest excitement was still a mass bustle for which Trent Williams and K’on Wallace were expelled 4 minutes before the end of the field.
Due to this success, the Eagles remain in the Super Bowl for the 4th time and for the first time because the 2017 season.

NFC Championship Video Game: Philadelphia Eagles (14-3)- San Francisco 49ers (13-4).

Outcome: 31: 7 (7: 0, 14: 7, 7: 0, 3: 0) Box core.

Eagles vs. 49ers-the essential statistics.

  • With his touchdown in the very first half, McCaffrey has actually now achieved a hurrying goal in a row.
  • McCaffrey Touchdown had according to Next Gen Stats 4 Predicted Rush Yards and thus +19 Lawns Over Expected.
    The touchdown likelihood of this run was 1.1 percent.
  • Injures scored his 15th Rushing Touchdown this season (including playoffs) in the 3rd quarter.
    These are most who have actually ever accomplished a quarterback in one season.
  • Both groups together had 204 Passing Backyards.

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