Is Uncharted 5 Really Coming To PS5? Heres What We Know So Far

For numerous web users, it could be Cassie Drake, the daughter of the hero of the Uncharted saga that we discovered at the end of episode 4, and who would take the torch.
A hypothesis not difficult, despite the current declarations by Neil Luckmann who stated that naughty canine had finished with the Uncharted legend.
If the Californian studio appears to have turned the page, rumors have actually already discussed a new episode which would remain in development by another internal studio from Sony Interactive Entertainment.
The Japanese manufacturer could undoubtedly revive the franchise from another angle, with a new character and a studio other than Naughty Pet.
We also keep in mind that Jeff Ross, the former game director of Days Gone had imagined a new uncharted with a Victor Sullivan at the age of 25.

This is the question that everyone has actually been asking because Sony Interactive Entertainment dropped its new ad for the PS5, and at the very same time revealed a boost in console stocks: Uncharted 5 was really announced as
Subjective way?
Indeed, by dissecting images of the TV spot, we see images featuring a young woman, evolving in a cave, torch in hand, and dressed like an adventurer.


These images which appear very rapidly and at a number of various times of the video do not describe any known video game of the Japanese producer, unlike all the other games that we easily recognize.
Spider-Man 2, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Tourism 7, God of War Ragnarök, Final Dream XVI, Return, there is eventually just this adventurer whose appearance resembles Nathan Drake stays a huge complete stranger.

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