116 Among Us Addresses That You Can Use To Play With Friends – For Those Whove Never Experienced This Epic Gaming Adventure

Among the United States is one of the most popular video games on the planet, so the possibilities are excellent that someone in their life has actually played it twice.
Discovering similarities is the fastest way to win the heart of a person, and if this commonality is among us, you are exactly right here.
It might seem ridiculous to utilize a video game to win somebody, but couples constantly meet in online computer game.
Just believe of all the weddings that have actually emerged from Wow or Last Fantasy XIV!
Like any other video game, Among Us can lead to love, you just need to know what to say to this special individual.

the very best among us pick-up lines

With these attribution phrases from Amongst the United States, their Ritz will be unmatched.

  1. Meet me at Electrical because I think I see sparks flying between us.
  2. Are you a fraudster?
    Due to the fact that you take air in my heart.
  3. Is that a knife in your pocket?
    Or are you just looking forward to seeing me?
  4. Why are SUS if we can be?
  5. Did I just see how you breathed air?
    Due to the fact that you rob me of the breath.
  6. Roses are red, violets are blue, will you be my crewmate?
    I will not toss you out.
  7. There is no Amongst the United States without us.
  8. You have blown straight into my heart.
  9. The only job I can believe of is you.
  10. Due to the fact that you took my heart, bring me to Med bay.
  11. Meet me in Comms so that you can provide me your number.
  12. I can not focus on my jobs due to the fact that you are my primary goal.
  13. For me, you will never be a scammer.
  14. If they were impostor and crewmate, we are like Romeo and Julia.
  15. I do my job in navigation and plan a course to your heart.
  16. Bring me to navigation, I keep getting lost in your eyes.
  17. We have to redirect the electrical power to O2 since they are continuously taking my breath away.
  18. Did the high-stapler sabotage?
    Or is that simply the flame between us?
  19. I attempted to fix the cabling, however I couldn’t find out how to connect myself and you.
  20. You are much better than any Cosmic reward.
  21. The next Among the United States crossover must be you and me.
  22. The reactor may melt, however my heart melts for you.
  23. My task is to determine the weather due to the fact that you are so hot.
  24. I called an emergency meeting due to the fact that you are about stealing my heart.
  25. Do you follow me due to the fact that you are a fraudster, or are you just eagerly anticipating seeing me?
  26. Why delete your card if you could stroke me straight?
  27. You are hotter than the lava in Plus.
  28. What if we kissed in Electrical?
  29. I’ll reveal you my love myself.
  30. Someone calls an emergency situation meeting, there is an angel among us.
  31. You can deselect me as long as you feature me.
  32. I would never deselect you, even if you were student.
  33. You resemble a visual task with the method I always see you.
  34. I come with me when they are tossed out.
  35. You are not just a crewmate, you are my soul mate.
  36. Has anybody undermined O2?
    Since you rob me of the breath.
  37. I am here to listen… unless you are a high forklift if you ever have to breathe.
  38. Come with me to the main hall so that we can develop photos of you and me.
  39. Due to the fact that you are so hot, my job is to fix the weather node.
  40. You never have to pretend a task if you are with me.
  41. Because they constantly make stimulates, my job is to repair the cabling.
  42. When you are not there, my crewmate color is always blue.
  43. Let us repair wires together, I feel a connection.
  44. Since you are so distracting stunning, I nearly have to throw you out of the video game.
  45. We fit like breaks and fraudsters.
  46. This is strange, on my task list there is bring yourself out.
  47. I desire us to win as a scammer so that we have a long time for ourselves.
  48. Since you make me sweat, I have to get towels in the airship.
  49. I continue to process information in Mira HQ, however I can’t discover your number anywhere.
  50. I will testify to your Med bay scan at any time.
  51. Furthermore, I plan a course for a romantic brief trip for us.
  52. Furthermore, I have a task in the cooking area, have a consultation for supper.
  53. It’s good that I ought to get towels due to the fact that you make me sweat.
  54. If your task is to submit data, why don’t you give me your contact number?
  55. If they really worry about their homicidal appearance, I do not know why it is their job to stow rifles and handguns in the weapons chamber.
  56. Did you discover a scammer?
    Since you are stunningly gorgeous.
  57. Since I keep looking between the stars, I can’t eliminate the asteroids.
  58. Let’s make a double murder, it will be like a date.
  59. I play as a red crewmate since you always make me blush.
  60. You are my Sassy Aka.
  61. If you don’t go out with me, I have to go to Med bay since of a damaged heart.
  62. You can not spell without us.
  63. You are much like my space code.
    It is Draft.

  1. I can not say whether the oxygen is consumed or whether they only take my breath away.
  2. Does the scammer kill my possibilities of being with you?
  3. You resemble a full Amongst the United States lobby.
    A real 10/10.
  4. you feel the connection in between us, or bi

While a few of these addresses are better than others, there is one for every situation.


No matter whether you and this special individual play as a duo fraudster or attempt to do jobs as crew members, these lines will definitely make you your permanent duo partner.
Among us is now readily available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile gadgets.
– This article was updated on February 1, 2023

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