ASUS Gaming Notebooks: 3 Heavy Duty Models To Level Up Your Gaming Experience

Global Consumer Notebook and Gaming Notebook market leading brand ASUS (Asus, is a high-quality display and a powerful cooling technology 3 kinds of gaming laptops.
▲ ▲ The DOG Peppers M16 will be officially released, and the event will be held for purchasers.

DOG Tricks Ska 18 and DOG Tricks Ska 16 is a laptop with an overwhelming gaming performance laptop, which is suitable for E-Sports gamers who need a pleasant environment as well as AAA games that require high specifications.

It is equipped with the latest processors such as Intel 13th generation i9-13980HX and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU to enable high-end games and multitasking.
It also adds DOG intelligent cooling to help you fully express the powerful performance of the main processor.
Tristan technology, which provides optimal air flow with three auxiliary fans, and liquid metal that reduces the CPU temperature by up to 15 degrees compared to the previous one, provides a pleasant usage environment for long-term use.

It also supports the latest technologies that realize immersive gaming experiences.
DOG Nebula Display, which supports high-stock rate of 240Hz, 3MS’s fast response speed, and DCI-P3 100%QHD quality, offers realistic visuals.
In particular, DOG Tricks Ska 18 is equipped with an 18-inch large screen for the first time in the industry and offers a wide field of view.


Both 18 inches and 16 inches start from the middle of the official price of 4 million won, depending on the graphics card specifications.

The DOG Lepidus M16 is a laptop suitable for creators and gamers with excellent gaming performance and portability.
It has a thickness of 19.9 mm and weighs 2.1 kg, with a high portability, and has a powerful gaming performance with the latest Intel 13th generation i9-13900h CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.
In addition, the DOG intelligent cooling technology with Tristan maximizes cooling efficiency.

The 16-inch DOG Nebula HDR display is the highest level of the DOG display grade, supporting 240Hz high-share rate and 3MS response speed, gently expressing the game video.
VESA display HDR and Dolby Vision Certification, as well as 1,100 knit brightness, 100,000: 1 contrast ratio and 100% DCI-P3 color area, to achieve vivid and vivid image quality.

In addition, the NVIDIA G-Sync function, which minimizes delay by matching the GPU signal and screen refresh rate, provides users with a more immersive gaming environment.
In addition, it is also equipped with Anime MATRIX function that allows users to customize micro LEDs on the laptop top plate to express animation or text.
The official price varies depending on the graphics card specifications and starts in the middle of 4 million won.

Meanwhile, ASUS has a variety of events for purchasers to commemorate the official launch of the new product gaming notebook, and detailed event information can be found on the promotion page.

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