RPG Mobile Game Girl World Reveals Main Character Lineup, Voice Actors & Korean Limited Character

ONEM unveiled the main character voice actor lineup, worldview, and Korean limited character after starting a pre-booking RPG mobile game girl world on the 14th.

The girl world is a mobile collecting RPG set against the background of the Three Kingdoms.
At the end of the East, a big disaster will come in the world, and as the people are suffering, the guide named Munging summons the protagonist who has the power of Pinyon to prevent this confusion.

Munging, a guide, managed the industries of Towson Village and other regions while waiting for the Savior, and the accumulated property was equivalent to the entire country.
Munging plans to sponsor and support ambitious people who can make a cause using this financial power.

Camellia, who was once rich in a rich house (voice actor: Kit Atari, Masterpiece: Come on, in the classroom of the terrestrial, Horowitz Suzuki / Me an angel came down!-Namesake Noah
It is rescued by HBO and lived in Donovan.
Afterwards, camellia moves south of the Yangtze River and lives with stealing and pickpocketing to live.

Camellia has strong damage to many enemies and has a skill that increases damage if the wisdom properties are high.

In addition, the longevity of the world of the Three Kingdoms world has been implemented as female characters, and live 2D production is a great feature that allows you to enjoy the expressions and directing of various characters.


If you participate in the pre-booking from January 13, you can receive various items, and you can obtain Korean limited UR hero handout immediately after participation.

For more information on the reservation, please visit the official page.

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