Get Ready For The Ultimate Survival Challenge: 10 Minutes of The Day Before Gameplay Revealed

After a tumultuous month when we saw The Day Prior to showcased by Nvidia during CES 2023, promptly delayed thanks to a trademark problem, admission that the delay was always going to happen regardless of the hallmark issue, and after that hyping the reveal of its gameplay, it lastly occurred, though not without its own set of hold-ups today.

Expedition was also highlighted, with the 2 characters roaming through what appearances like a quarantine zone in the city, shooting a couple of zombies along the method. Absolutely nothing here shrieked exciting gameplay, or even revealed fans anything brand-new. Some on Reddit pointed out that at this point, disallowing zero hold-ups, The Day Prior to was currently supposed to be released, making the state of what we saw today worrying. The absence of context also for what was going on, where players were in the video game, and what they were trying to do was likewise a sticking point.

You can inspect out the video in the embed above and decide for yourself whether you think this was an excellent expose, or simply an effort at damage control (specifically since a follow-up video reveals somebody playing The Day Before, proving it’s absolutely real), specifically because of the viewed mismanagement concerns surrounding the game today.

The video footage follows the gamer character and a buddy as they rummage through the remains of an empty city, starting in the residential areas. It invests a horrible great deal of time early on showing the bare bones crafting UI, most likely implied to showcase the modification of weapons in The Day Before, but invests most likely a minute too long sticking around there.

The gameplay really didn’t reveal anything amazing or revolutionary, specifically considering it appears like The Day Before has seen a significant visual downgrade compared to previous reveals. The gameplay footage appeared like a mix of The Division, the post-apocalyptic looter-shooter from Ubisoft, and a and truly didn’t offer anything that would excite-or even call for the levels of hype the business was attracting.


After hyping up their postponed 10-minute gameplay reveal, Fantastic lastly launched the long-awaited gameplay of its survival MMO The Day Before.

And the response to the footage both in the live chat on YouTube and the official Discord and Reddit discussion has been less than perfect if you’re Fantastic.

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