Bundesliga Preview: Werder Breman To Take On VfB Stuttgart, Hertha BSC Under Pressure At E

Waldemar Anton (VfB Stuttgart)… to the game: It was not an excellent game today. Bruno Lambada (coach VfB Stuttgart)… to the game: We got into the game top and let Welder run extremely well…. to the game: We had a few problems at the start, however we have adapted well. Christian Stretch (coach SC Freiburg): We desired to get into a good switching game to possibly hurt Dortmund. I saw a very great game, it was fun.

Bertha BSC comes under the bikes at Eintracht Frankfurt, but still wants to keep one’s cool.
SC Freiburg is under BVB and gives the referee a partial financial obligation for the course of the video game.
Welder wins at VfB Stuttgart on Sunday, FC Bayern has to go to VFL Wolfsburg.
The voices for the Bundesliga:
## VFL Wolfsburg-FC Bayern

The game in the live ticker!
## CFB Stuttgart-Werder Bremen 0: 2
Waldemar Anton (VfB Stuttgart)… to the video game: It was not a good video game today. Both were hard. It was clear from the start that it would be a combating game in which you need to win the crucial battles.
The Breeders were a bit better here. Then you lose such a game with 2 shots on objective.
We have lots of shots on objective, however make too few objectives of it. We have to score much faster, then it will be easier in the video game.
Played for 90 minutes, and we still had not scored.
Bruno Lambada (coach VfB Stuttgart)… to the game: We entered into the game top and let Welder run effectively. You saw that we do not have the accuracy in the last third. We can not understand that
Merely modification. We were totally in there. The break then came with the alternative of Serious Grassy. Then we come back in and really have to score a goal. After the break, we will get in well again, but then collect two Sunday shots.
We lacked the funds. It is a bitter defeat because we might have won the video game.
… on the table scenario: We are facing a tough relegation battle. It is very important to keep calm and enhance the group. We enable bit, but we get the goals. We have to exercise and develop the players.

… to the newbies Genii Yamaguchi and Gil Dias (before the game): You work for 6 weeks and on the last day a player is gone and two brand-new players being in the cabin. It’s not always simple. The last half hour against
Paderborn was the best integration that existed. They were there immediately.
Fabian Wohlgemuth (s director VfB Stuttgart) for the departure of Nauru Ahumada (before the game): It is unfortunate if you have to let a gamer go so quickly before the transfer.
Compromise. We have to support the association financially. We need to go out in the long term.
Nicolas Fuller (SV Welder Bremen)… For interaction with Marvin Duck sch: I am pleased that it works so well with Marvin. We have a particular understanding of the video game with each other. I constantly look when I put it off the ball and then take it off
Interested afterwards. I am really happy for him that it worked today.
… to the video game: We had a few issues at the start, however we have adapted well. It was clear to us that it would not be an enjoyable game.
0 we can be really satisfied.
… to his withdrawn gate: If I press him in the air, it is certainly a nasty, however I do not know that method. I do not think any foul is whistled if the exact same thing takes place to me.
Marvin Duck sch (objective scorer SV Welder Bremen)… to Nicolas Fuller: I am rather pleased that he is next to me than the other method around. He also does a lot versus the ball and is an extremely crucial gamer for us.
… to Mitchell Weiser: He is a crucial player with us, and it was a really challenging failure that should not actually occur. You saw that the group can capture something like this. The kids do it very well today
Leo Bitten court played in his position and he did it effectively.
Ole Werner (coach SV Welder Bremen) for the departure of Oliver Burke (before the game): On the one hand, it is a shame, but on the other hand you have to re-evaluate circumstances.
Likewise, the complete satisfaction of both sides. We discovered a great service and got a great gamer with Maximilian Philipp. We are well-placed.
## Contract Frankfurt-Hertha BSC 3: 0
Oliver Glaser (coach Eintracht Frankfurt): We played a great first half. There were many great actions that we didn’t end up well at the beginning. At the end of the first half we may be a little excessive in administration mode
G1. It is extremely important that we constantly stay good on the ground.

Sandro Schwarz (Trainer Bertha BSC): We didn’t play an excellent first half. We didn’t do what we succeeded. I believe that we played a decent 2nd half. In the end it is frustrating with 0: 3
To lose. We need to stick with ourselves. There are specific guidelines in the relegation battle, you need peace in the club.
## Russia Dortmund-Sc Freiburg 5: 1
Edwin Eric (coach Borussia Dortmund): We took control from the start, were extremely dominant, extremely clearly defended. The video game was altered by yellow-red card. In the second half we showed a truly excellent efficiency versus
A team surpassed, that was almost perfect. We barely let our challengers breathe.
Christian Stretch (coach SC Freiburg): We wanted to get into a good switching game to maybe injure Dortmund. We weren’t with the ball
Sufficient, some gamers weren’t great enough in a duel, so we lost 5: 1.
## 1.
FC Molnar Leipzig 0: 0
Steffen Rampart (coach 1. FC Cologne): With the great opportunities you saw: Leipzig is always able to play such go through the chains. We were fortunate in a situation, and in the other a great goalkeeper. I saw a very good game, it was fun. I’m satisfied-even without objectives. A lot goes through efficiency.
Marco Rose (coach RB Leipzig): A relatively reputable 0: 0, both teams contributed to this. It was the strategy to take the severe pressing. But our pass rate was Perfume Spiel-Like, i.e. under 80 percent.


Had 2 big chances, must have taken the lead. That would have assisted us: versus Cologne, and in an English week. It was clear what to anticipate here.
## Union Berliners Mainz 05 2: 1
Urs Fischer (Fitness Instructor Union Berlin): It was the expected hard game with numerous battles, with lots of fouls, numerous long balls. The truth that my team would come back once again reveals their mentality and morality.
Can say that the video game would have run out of a tie.
BO Venison (coach FSV Mainz 05): It was anticipated to play close have fun with a couple of possibilities on both sides. Union was better in the very first half, we were better in the second half. We should have a point.

Decided game, this is really frustrating for us. In the end we regrettably go house with zero points.
## VFL Bochum-TSG Cofferdam 5: 2
Thomas Let sch (coach VFL Bochum): We brought what we criticized in Mainz last week.
Is the point of criticism that we need to come across. However, I am delighted that the group rewarded each other with five goals.
Andre Breitenreiter (coach TSG Cofferdam): It was a more than should have success for Bochum. In the first half we had eleven total failures. We were gotten ready for the opponent, but VFL bought our cutting, at half-time it was a bit happy only 0: 3. At the end of the day we made mistakes that have actually not been much to do with professional football and lost well.
## Russia Mönchengladbach-Schalke 04 0: 0
Daniel Fake (coach Borussia Mönchengladbach): We are not satisfied, that is obvious. Obviously we wished to win. You have to draw such a game in the very first few minutes, we didn’t succeed. Then it was a difficult one
Play. The positive is that we dipped into least zero on a football-like dirt day.
Thomas Was (coach Schalke 04): Sadly the team did not benefit. We have to be pleased, the method is favorable.
The way we desire to carry out.

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