Radio The Universe: 10 Years Of Development And An Epic Kickstarter

Radio The Universe
Develop: 6e6e6e // Pubic: 6e6e6e
Launch: to be confirmed
10 years are many for development, and that is the time that has passed since the Kickstarter organized by 6E6E6e managed to raise more than 81 thousand dollars for the Radio Project The Universe.
Since the game campaign was presented in December 2012, this demo is the first open opportunity that their more than 3,500 sponsors have had (and anyone who is curious, of course) to feel and judge with their own experience the work of so many
The result is one of the most promising independent games of what is to come.
Rosie Ball, from Chuckle fish, commented in his presentation of the past Big Conference the error of defining the functioning of your own game based on other works, a ruling that perhaps committed in 6E6e6e by defining the radio The Universe as «a mixture between the Zelda
classics and dark science fiction », in addition to other references in aesthetic and playable such as Hotline Miami or Dark Souls.

And in this case it is a mistake, he said, because this RPG achieves the merits to define its own identity beyond inspirations that departed as concepts, but they have mutated to make the Universe something special in the artistic, the playable and the playable and
to a half-way tone between analog and digital terror.
At first, even from its own menu, it is easy for us to wait
of being present, although without charging prominence above its greatest virtues.
This scenario, which represents a vast decadent city for a long time, will be the bottom of an adventure in which we will embody an apparently unprofessional immortal vagabond, but that will have to travel all its corners to get ahead.
Doing is a pleasure: its amazing pixel art, although arid, is one of the softest and most satisfying experiences that I have lived in a style title;
Their fights, on the other hand, bet on minimalism in the quantitative but show an obvious depth in order of the qualitative.
There are no false setbacks by enemies or way of advancing due to pure stubbornness, because the only way to face is to squeeze your possibilities and learn to use them.


6e6e6e has brought to light an extensive demo and with many doors to open, with the promise of a great world to explore in this RPG that is so many years behind.
Despite accumulating delays since 2014 and taking into account that at the moment we do not have a launch window, it seems clear that the playable test that Radio The Universe exists is a ray of hope for both their sponsors and any person with a minimum of a minimum of
interest in action games.

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