Hogwarts Legacy Steam: Luxury Edition Early Access Issues – What Is Happening and Is There a Solution?

Hogwarts Legacy should have been released on Steam on Feuary 7 for those who bought the luxury edition.
However, many players come across a big problem-impossibility of starting the game paid at full price due to a platform problem.

Revolted population

Unlike the players who have purchased the game on consoles, PCs are angry.
Although some users have been able to access Hogwarts Legacy without problems, most could not even start the game.
It seems that it is a bug that categorizes the copy of the game as a standard version-Launch occurs only on Feuary 10 and not luxury.


Obviously, Steam servers are overloaded and this could be the cause, but nothing is certain, as the platform should be able to manage many downloads and players simultaneously.

is there a solution?

For over an hour, netizens sought an effective solution.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the PC game, and we can’t confirm what works or not, but do not hesitate to tell us in the comments what you tried on your side.
According to some users, a possible solution would be as follows:
1. Open Steam in Administrator mode
2. Click the steam icon in the upper left corner of the screen and then Settings,
3. Go to Downloads> Steam Folder> Check Hogwarts Legacy and finally click on the three points in the upper right corner to repair folder.
(Technique not recommended if you have a slow connection… This will reinstall the entire game)
4. Come back to download to see the release of an update.

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