How To Unlock Double Guns In Warzone 2 And Boost Your Multiplayer Performance

Like the Call of Duty multiplayer component, War zone 2 metajuego constantly evolves as new weapons are introduced or new Frankenstein equipment is discovered in Gunsmith.
During most of the first season, War zone 2 has been dominated by players who execute double guns, sending others to Gulag in seconds.
If you are wondering how to put your hand on the Akimbo terrors, here you have everything you need to know how to get double guns in War zone 2.

How to get double guns in War zone 2

To get double guns in War zone 2, you have to have the unlocked weapon and a specific rear grip accessory.

When you are in the gunsmith, go to the rear handle category to get a gun and see an attached file Akimbo.
When selecting that, you will equip pistols in jugs to terrorize your halls.
As the name implies, weapons in jugs will allow double handle guns.
While it will obtain additional firepower, it will mean nothing in long-range clashes.

All gun levels in jugs

There are currently five guns in total to unlock, each capable of shooting.
Below are the five and the level requirement to unlock akimbo:
X12: Level 19
X13 Auto: level the x12 to the weapon level 19
P890: Level 26
.50 GS: Level 17
Basilica: Level 28

The best double handle akimbo gun

When it comes to the best double handle gun, it is very difficult to choose specifically one.
Below, you will find two optimal configurations, one for Basilisk and one for X13, the reason is that it depends on what you want to prioritize.


If none of these adapts to their tastes, we have a guide with optimal configurations for the other three guns.

The Basilica

Image source: Infinity Ward through
Basilisk’s configuration focuses on the return of the dear Snake Shot ammunition, which means that jug settings is absolutely destroying the armor with pure power.
On the contrary, the X13 configuration focuses on the high cadence of the weapon, which means that you will destroy the armor faster, but you will accumulate less energy.
The choice is yours!
Basilica weapons:
Barrel: 10.5″ FTC arrow
Laser: Reveals 7MW
Shooting action: Bryson HTA
Rear handle: Basilica Akimbo
Ammunition:.500 Snake shot


Image source: Infinity Ward through
The best weapons load x13:
Barrel: Slip Ark Sidewinder-6
Laser: Xten-L400 side weapon
Snout: FT steel fire
Rear handle: Akimbo x13
Magazine: Magazine of 24 rounds
That is all you need to know how to get double guns in War zone 2. To get more content related to War zone, be sure to consult below!
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