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Are you looking for a complete guide for the priest shadow of World of Warcraft in order to DPS remotely in Raid on Dragon flight?
Discover our guide with the best talents with a complete tree, consumables and the stats to favor to perform well in raid with your DPS priest.
Update: Thursday, March 23.

This guide is up-to-date for 10.0.7
If you have any specific questions or requests, do not hesitate to request our opinion in the comments.
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1 Guide to the Talents of the Shadow Priest On Dragon flight
1.1 In the general part of the talent
1.2 In the shadow part of the talent
2 stats to favor as a shadow priest
2.1 Dob jet level >> haste> Master> Critique> = versatility
3 enchantments for the priest shadow
4 consumables for the priest shadow in dragon flight
5 best trinkets for priest shadow in raid
6 Shadow Priest, a good DPs in raid on Dragon flight?

Guide to the Talents of the Shadow Priest On Dragon flight

These talents are recommended for fairly classic use in raid.
The code to import talents in play biqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiK0cbaaaaaaaaaaaqikkmu0iejlesekgjjsjgeestahkaa
Regarding the talents of the shadow priest, some changes are possible:

in the general part of Large de Talents

  • If your use of vampire is not optimal, you can play with talent blood lessons.

in the shadow of talent

  • If you do not drain the silence, it is possible to allover this point with mental incandescent.

Stats to favor as a shadow priest

Our hierarchy of secondary stats for a raid shadow priest takes into account the use of talents listed at the top of this guide.
The values evolve according to your equipment as well as the content.
Note that for a DPS, the Dob jet level is generally the most important since this conditions the total Intelligence, the strongest stat in this position.
Otherwise, haste is the main stat since it increases your dancing speed and decreases your CD regeneration time as well as your GCD.

Dob jet level >> SHOWED> Master> Criticism> = versatility

Note that we recommend that Sim craft software with raid bots are recommended in order to test part by room, point per point, the gain in DPS depending on your equipment.
If specializations have fairly clear deviations between the secondary stats, this is not always the case and each stuff is different.
Thus, your results will be more precise using a simulation tool to compare.

Enchantments for the Shadow Priest

The enchantments allow your stats to be removed (see above) and overall, increase the effectiveness of your character.
It is recommended to add only on the parts you plan to keep a minimum.
In addition, know that it is possible to replace one enchantment with another, but you will lose the first.
Cape: avoidance
Torso: All Carey
Brossard: avoidance
Pants: frozen bewitched thread
Boots: speed
Rings: haste
Weapon: DIL soph

Consumables for the priest shadow in Dragon flight

In terms of consumables to be used as a raid shadow, a Denture part depend on the level in which you progress in raid.
Thus, in normal, it is generally not necessary to have premium consumables.
On the other hand, in heroic and mythical, you will need to use combat potions as often as possible as well as all the usual necessary.
Flask: poly flask
Care potion: care potion
Burst potion: main stats’ potion
Dame rune: howling rune
Food: Large banquet or personal
Gems: Force unnamed diamond and tapered ysemeraude
For the flask (phial in English), the latter only lasts 30 minutes but can be cumulated twice (a total of 1 hour).


Best Trinkets for Raid Shadow Priest

The jewelry being one of the most important parts of your character, we recommend two of the best trinkets as well as two alternatives to them.
Icon whispering incarnation
Valor horn
So eye
rage plume
dark eye

Shadow Priest, a good DPS in raid on Dragon flight?

At Patch 10.0.7 of Dragon flight, the shadow priest is a viable distant DPs for raid in the cellar of incarnations.

Mobility is the weak point of the shadow priest.
Both to move quickly but also when it comes to inflicting moving damage.
Consequently, the SP finds its interest in its solid DPS as well as its ability to make its infusion benefit from its allies thanks to priestess talent.
It also benefits from a certain serenity during the most demanding fights thanks to its excellent survivability without forgetting that it brings an important buff to the raid, the word of power: robustness.
Consequently, the priest shadow is a DPS at a viable distance during the 10.0.7 of Dragon flight in raid.
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Here is our guide to DPS Shadow Priest for Wow Raids on Dragon flight.
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