Microsoft Rejects Proposal to Acquire Activision Blizzard – Plan Unconvenient for the Company

Today the deals to buy Blizzard Activision by Microsoft have not closed, and at the moment we talk about promises to carry some Nintendo console franchises and services such as GeForce Now.
And now, something interesting has been proposed but that it does not end up convincing, since it is a strange contract.
The United Kingdom regulatory agency has proposed that they can carry out a partial acquisition, this not to be taken to outstanding gaming franchises such as Call of Duty.
Something they rejected at the moment, since it is not viable to have some IPS for a while and then lose them or take the package without all brands.
Given this, Microsoft’s CEO himself, Brad Smith, says that despite buying Activision they will continue back in the market, so it is not viable to accept that partial treatment.
Here what he said:

There is no viable solution for the sale of Activision or Call of Duty studies to another company.
The United Kingdom CMA will have to make a decision.
Do you want to end the treatment and cement Sony’s position in a market in which it has been a super dominant company for 20 years with 80% sales in Europe and 70% globally or prefer to let the future progress with barriers
of behavior and possible remedies, taking this game to 150 million more people?
I think that is the main choice that regulators will have to take.
At this time, great executives have presented themselves at a meeting to discuss the whole matter, but it seems that Microsoft does not have many on its side, for now there is only approval by Nintendo and even Nvidia, which previously saw the purchase as a threat to
The competition.

For their part, Google and Sony do not want the sale to be closed.


Via: Euro gamer
Editor’s note: Without a doubt this war has no day to end, and the truth is the subject and discussions have already started tired.
Please reach a verdict, and we can continue with our lives.

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