NBA 2K23 The W: Beginner’s Guide

NBA 2K finally adds all the WNBA teams and players to the game in 2022. In NBA 2K, this is called The W. The game’s online multiplayer mode is the W or “World” in NBA 2K23. In the World, players can create a custom avatar, play exhibition games against others, […]


Why Diablo Immortal is Pay2Win and Basic Rating?

Diablo Immortal is being liquidated by some disappointed Blizzard fans, especially on social media. Diablo Immortal currently has a user score of 0.5 on Metacritic, which is even worse than Warcraft 3: Reforged. But – that’s also true – in the Apple App Store, more users rate the game with […]


How fun are Diable Immortal to level and item hunt motivated?

So you’re unsuspectingly slaughtering your way through a burial chamber full of desert skeletons, killing a monstrous, spider-like abomination. Suddenly, this quest appears in your quest log: Reach level 35. From level 30 at the latest, Diable Immortal will link campaign orders to a level limit. Umm, ok? This is […]


Does Diablo Immortal feel like Diablo?

Diablo Immortal creates a very uneasy feeling in many people. After all, the first thing that comes to mind is the banalest gameplay with cuddly graphics. And that has to be repeated clearly: Immortal is by no means a wholly alienated Diablo variant that has nothing to do with its […]


Gameplay and requirements of the new Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is Blizzard’s new MMORPG developed together with NetEase Games. The title features angels and demons waging an eternal war for the Sanctuary’s domain. It is available for download starting this Wednesday (1) for Android or iPhone ( iOS ) phones and PC. This is the first title in […]